Vicious Head Society, The - Extinction Level Event CD

Vicious Head Society, The – Extinction Level Event CD

Extinction Level Event; one could say this long awaited title reveal of the forthcoming album from The Vicious Head Society is quite apt given what the world has endured the last year or more. Irish guitar virtuoso Graham Keane, the brainchild behind The Vicious Head Society follows on from his 2017 debut …
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Goad - La Belle Dame - CD

Goad – La Belle Dame – CD

GOAD is an historical Prog Rock band from Florence (Italy) created by Maurilio Rossi in 1974.

1976-1986 (the early years): 10 years of live at Space Electronic in Florence where they were noticed by Freddy Mercury (Queen). Early releases “Who Can It Be”, “To Mars With You”, “Creatures”.

1987-2000 (Art Rock): Progressive and …
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Watching Tides - We've Been So Close, Yet So Alone - CD

Watching Tides – We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone – CD

This Album is intense, almost too bombastic and precice to believe there are only three people on stage. To be honest, my big emo-times were the late 90s – midwest sound a la Crank or Caulfield. And since one year ago i never heard of this berlin three-piece. Watching Tides fit more into …
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Nightfyre - Shattered Lands - CD

Nightfyre – Shattered Lands – CD

Here we go again! NightFyre from germany are back with their brand new ep „Shattered Lands“ – the will bring you five new smasher, best NWOBHM material!

Singer David sounds again like the young Hetfield at ist best, and all your wishes for great hooklines and catchy leads will be fullfilled – no …
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Crypts - Coven Of The Dead - CD

Crypts – Coven Of The Dead – CD

Take no prisoners! CRYPTS from germany deliver very true old school deathmetal, no gimmicks, no
intos, pure and simple stripped down end of the 80s style. Without any exaggeration you can name
Morgoth, early Entombed, Hail Of Bullts or Autopsy as comparisons – techically fit, great songwriting, a
fantastic singer, who, if i …
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Traumatomy - Extirpation Paradigms - CD

Traumatomy – Extirpation Paradigms – CD

The Russian Slam Titans, Traumatomy, are back with their 3rd studio album entitled ‘Extirpation Paradigms’; their latest studio offering in 4 years and their first album under the Gore House Productions banner. ‘Extirpation Paradigms’ also marks the band’s first album with a full line up in the recording, delivering their most Barbaric …
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Grave - Morbid Ascend - CD

Grave – Morbid Ascend – CD

Dream comes true… Latest mini-album of legends and pioneers of European Death Metal first time available as stand-alone CD with OBI-strip, poster and CD’s pit-art. Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING
1. Venial Sin
2. Morbid Ascent
3. Possessed (Satyricon Cover)
4. Epos (Risen from the Tomb Remix)
5. Reality of Life (New Version)GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 799475788987
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Gore Dimension - Ethereal Realm - CD

Gore Dimension – Ethereal Realm – CD

The band founded in Ankara 2018 by Ateş Baran Tüzün. Ateş couldn’t find suitable players for this band so he worked session with Lille 2019 Gore Dimension released their first product Crypts of Obscurity. After signing with Coyote Records Yunus Efe and Eren Gürsoy joined the band. During the final stage …
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Portal - Avow - CD

Portal – Avow – CD

AVOW is the sixth full-length album from the mysterious influential avant-garde Australian death metal surrealists PORTAL set for release on May 28th on CD/LP/Digital. AVOW is the follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed album ION.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Catafalque, 2. Eye, 3. Offune, 4. Manor Of Speaking, 5. Bode, 6. Drain

GENRE: Death Metal/Experimental
BARCODE: 843563136584
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Chemlab - Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar - CD

Chemlab – Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar – CD

Bursting out of Washington DC in 1989, Chemlab soon made a name for themselves, touring with Nine
Inch Nails, White Zombie, GWAR, and more. Long considered their finest hour, this deluxe edition of
Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar, has been remastered direct from the original DAT tapes, long thought lost …
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Elara Sunstreak Band - Vostok 1 - CD

Elara Sunstreak Band – Vostok 1 – CD

Sulatron Records is happy to release the monumental second album by this south German band!
On their most mature output, in best retro sound, [ELARA SUNSTREAK BAND] presents a high versatile album of 4 long tracks. In the space fog of Nexus the three cosmonauts celebrate a progressive psychedelic record on which monologues …
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Various Artists - Destination Forbidden Planet 37 Outer Space Shock Treatments - CD

Various Artists – Destination Forbidden Planet 37 Outer Space Shock Treatments – CD

1950s and 1960s music from Outta Space
1‐CD (Jewelcase) with 16‐page booklet, 37 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min. – Whether ‘Forbidden Planet’ or ‘Visitors from Space’ ‐ here the fan of 1950s Sci‐Fi movies gets his money’s worth!
– This release in Bear Family’s ‘Destination’ series deals with the unexplainable, …
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Brinsley Schwarz - Last Orders! - CD

Brinsley Schwarz – Last Orders! – CD

At the dawn of the internet, Ian Gomm self‐released an album of previously unreleased and hard to
find recordings by his old group Brinsley Schwarz called, appropriately enough, ‘Rarities’. Taking our
inspiration from this long out of print album, we asked Ian Gomm to dig deep into his archive to see what other …
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Muslimgauze - Uzi - CD

Muslimgauze – Uzi – CD

Muslimgauze was the main musical project of Bryn Jones (17 June 1961 – 14 January 1999), a British ethnic electronica and experimental musician who was influenced by conflicts and history in the Muslim world.

Muslimgauze’s gem from the late 80s. Cinematic, minimal, noisy, hypnotic, and gloomy. Probably not so overtly Middle …
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Our Nameless Boy - Colour From The Doves - CD

Our Nameless Boy – Colour From The Doves – CD

The Debut LP from Bristol based Alt-Rock Trio, Our Nameless Boy. Colour From The Doves is a sincere and difficult reflection on a year that songwriter Iain Gorrie spent recovering from a life threatening disease. Much like its subject matter, the album is orderless and unpredictable in its delivery, with …
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