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    Martyrium - Lamia Satanica - CD

    Martyrium – Lamia Satanica – CD

    MartYriuM is a Extreme metal band from Malta, formed by Count Mortem in 1999 with the spawn of the second wave of black metal. This band is a unique blend of Black and Death Metal with a specific sound design introducing Sinister Orchestrations and Industrial Elements to the style. MartYriuM’s performances are ...
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    Mind Driller - Inbolution - CD

    Mind Driller – Inbolution – CD

    This six-pieced combo performs some powerful and varied Industrial Metal influenced by electronics and Metal music, using 3 different languages in their lyrics: German, English and Spanish. The band was formed back in 2011 and after releasing two full length albums of studio “Red Industrial” (2012) and “Zirkus” (2015) and receiving all ...
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    Moorah - Marnost Nad Marnost - CD

    Moorah – Marnost Nad Marnost – CD

    Moorah began as a one-man project of Count Hroozah, in late 2019. Moorah is a post-blackmetal band from Prague (Czechia). In the music of Moorah you can hear the elements used by classic Czech and Norwegian black metal acts, as well as other post-metal, post- punk and blackgaze techniques. Moorah’s music doesn’t ...
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    Morphium - The Fall - CD

    Morphium – The Fall – CD

    This five-pieced combo from Gerona (Spain) was formed back in 2005 and have become one of the leading acts of the contemporary Metal scene in Spain. Their music style is difficult to catalogue since it is inspired by a wide variety of musical influences which goes from Extreme metal to the more ...
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    Nidhoeggr - Arise - CD

    Nidhoeggr – Arise – CD

    This six-pieced Bernese band was formed back in 2009 and has become an integral part of the Swiss Folk Metal scene. Nidhoeggr manages to combine harsh Death Metal with catchy keyboard melodies, always experimenting with different sounds. Through their multi-faceted sound, the band creates a gloomy atmosphere, but can also whip up ...
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    Theragon - Where The Stories Begin - CD

    Theragon – Where The Stories Begin – CD

    This young five-pieced combo was formed in the city of Valencia (Spain) back in 2018, their ambition and passion for music has no limits. Influenced by artists such as Avantasia, Gloryhammer or Twilight Force these spaniards are going to hit the wall with a new approach of the Heavy Metal genre. Their ...
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    Thola - Somewhere - CD

    Thola – Somewhere – CD

    The band was formed in 2016 by Rolf “Rodo” Studer.These five talented metalheads combine all sorts of Metal sub-genres in one, from Heavy to Power, going through Thrash and Speed Metal. The one common denominator is, all songs feature melodic vocals, driving riffs, incredible solos and a rhythm section that will blow ...
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    Three Dead Fingers - All Worlds Apart - CD

    Three Dead Fingers – All Worlds Apart – CD

    Three Dead Fingers is a really young swedish Melodic Death Metal/Alternative Metal combo formed back in the early 2015 in Sweden by Oliwer Bergman and Gustav Jakobsson, who were 10- 11 years old at the time. This five-pieced line up has become one of the promises of the new generation of Metal ...
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    Wintermoonshade - Eternal Haunted Shores - CD

    Wintermoonshade – Eternal Haunted Shores – CD

    WinterMoonShade was formed back in January 2020 in the portuguese coast by Haze Fenrir, who got a desire to forge a band digging into the landscapes of genres such as black and death metal. The music of WinterMoonShade is inspired by the nature and spirituality and also mixing those two elements with ...
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    Zero2nothing - Limits Of Temptation - CD

    Zero2nothing – Limits Of Temptation – CD

    Zero 2 Nothing is a Greek Prog Metal four-pieced combo that has perfected their own unique blend of Rock melodies and Metal riffs, along other musical influences, giving as a result the sound of Zero 2 Nothing. Their debut album “Limits of Temptation” will be released on February 26th via Art Gates ...
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