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    Age Of Wolves - Age Of Wolves - CD

    Age Of Wolves – Age Of Wolves – CD

    During the time of a global pandemic, Ontario, Canada’s AGE OF WOLVES not only formed out of some previously heavy hitting bands, but they managed to write and record an album. Their self-titled debut is a barnburner of an album that rocks from the first note to the last! Despite having formed ...
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    Agonoize - Revelation Six Six Sick - CD

    Agonoize – Revelation Six Six Sick – CD

    It has been almost a year and a half since the Bad Boyz from Berlin broke their five year silence and came back with MIDGET VAMPIRE PORN and a new label home to shake up the scene again and to show who still sets the tone in this genre. The founders of ...
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    Aktarum - Trollvengers - CD

    Aktarum – Trollvengers – CD

    Aktarum are a 5-pieced combo from Belgium. The band distinguished itself with their “Troll Metal”
    sounds and stories, combining heavy loud riffing with epic melodies. Lyrically, these 5 trolls spread the tales and stories of the village of Aktarum, sharing their will of partying with everyone. After releasing different albums and ...
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    Alan Tyler - Made In Middlesex (Limited) - CD

    Alan Tyler – Made In Middlesex (Limited) – CD

    Made In Middlesex is the new album from Alan Tyler, lead singer and main songwriter for the much-loved London country band The Rockingbirds. It presents a set of songs clearly reflecting the period during which it was recorded; a time both febrile and uncertain interspersed with longueurs of enforced quiet ...
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    Alexx And The Moonshiners - 7-Year Itch - CD

    Alexx And The Moonshiners – 7-Year Itch – CD

    The uncompromising Blues girl is back, and she means business !

    GENRE: Blues Rock
    BARCODE: 3700398724317 ...
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    All My Faith Lost… - Untitled - CD

    All My Faith Lost… – Untitled – CD

    11 years after their “Decade” ep, and as if it was an omen, All My Faith Lost … return a decade later with a new full length album. These eleven songs enclose all the distinguishing traits of the band’s previous works, distilled through several important events that occurred in the member’s lives ...
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    Anatomy Of I - The Los(T) Angered Session - CD

    Anatomy Of I – The Los(T) Angered Session – CD

    'The Los(t) Angered Sessions' is not the new ANATOMY OF I album, but the band's first unreleased studio recording from 2005/2006. Operating under the moniker of TERMINAL EYE, the band split up between two sessions at Andy Larocque's Los Angered Studios in August 2005 and January 2006, leaving guitarist and main composer MICHAEL DORRIAN ...
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    Andy Pratt - The Lost Albums: 2010-2014 - CD

    Andy Pratt – The Lost Albums: 2010-2014 – CD

    Four complete albums originally released between 2010 and 2014 by Boston singersongwriter Andy Pratt of “Avenging Annie” fame - one of the most ambitious singles of the 1970s - the decade that introduced the world to Pratt's gloriously ambitious brand of sweet pop music. By 1976, he had Rolling Stone magazine boldly claim ...
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    Ankhara - Premonicion - CD

    Ankhara – Premonicion – CD

    The five-pieced combo started to make a name by themselves in the Madrid local scene in 1995, known for their passion and unique vision of Heavy Metal, sharing stages with many local and international powerhouse bands. After releasing the first albums of their career, the band splits in 2004 with ...
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    Antechaos - Apocalypse - CD

    Antechaos – Apocalypse – CD

    Are you nostalgic for 80s Hard Rock but also like the power of current bands like Sixx Am?
    Look no further ... ANTECHAOS is coming on April 15, 2022!!

    01_01‐Alpha / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4'21
    01_02‐Exode / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4'02
    01_03‐Gangster / Laurent FABISZ Nicolas PELISSIER 4'39
    01_04‐Enfance 2.0 / Laurent ...
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    Antichrist Siege Machine - Purifying Blade - CD

    Antichrist Siege Machine – Purifying Blade – CD

    ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE was formed in 2016 as an alliance between RZ and SB. Through extensive touring along the east coast and multiple releases, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE has solidified their place as a violent force to be reckoned with. Each effort has further developed the duo’s sound, enhancing the barbarity of previous releases.The ...
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    Apostle Of Solitude - Until The Darkness Goes - CD

    Apostle Of Solitude – Until The Darkness Goes – CD

    On their sixth studio album, Until the Darkness Goes, Apostle of Solitude channel loss and isolation into their finest work to date — a heavy, melodic, ultimately cathartic offering of pure doom.

    For 17 years, Indianapolis, Indiana’s Apostle of Solitude has been exploring the darkest caverns of the fallible species known as ...
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    Apparition - Feel - CD

    Apparition – Feel – CD

    California death metal band APPARITION follow their “Granular Transformation” 7” with their tectonic
    shifting debut LP “Feel”. Towering progressive doomy death metal with hammering colossal crawling
    groove refined escalating riffs and lurching, thick, and bludgeoning calculated rhythms. But “Feel” goes
    even more beyond in exploring APPARITION’s death metal blueprint where this deep expression
    possesses ...
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    Aqua Barons, The - Extreme Guitar Conditions - CD

    Aqua Barons, The – Extreme Guitar Conditions – CD

    Extreme Guitar Conditions” is an Extremely Catchy and Addictive Cool Album! Instrumental, Magical, and Trippy! You can surf in the Sea or you can Surf to the Stars! It’s up to you! Invest!” Time Mazine Fanzine.
    “This Greek Instrumental combo has great sound tht’s drippy at times, fuzzy and buzzy at ...
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    Arcadium - Breathe Awhile - CD

    Arcadium – Breathe Awhile – CD

    2CD Digipack with 16 page booklet
    Definitive edition of 1969 psych‐prog classic
    Includes long‐lost acetate mix and their rare single
    16 page booklet with photos and band historySunbeam is proud to present the definitive reissue of this British psychprog classic, originally released in October 1969. Meticulously remastered and spread over two discs in a foldout digipack, it includes the original album as ...
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