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    Mortiis - Spirit Of Rebellion - Collector's Box - CD

    Mortiis – Spirit Of Rebellion – Collector’s Box – CD

    The undisputed inventor of dungeon synth, MORTIIS, is set to unleash new music unto the world
    in form of a release entitled “Spirit Of Rebellion” - a re-interpreted expansion and continuation of
    the 1994 Era I classic “Ånden som Gjorde Opprør”. “Spirit Of Rebellion” is penned for release via
    Omnipresence Production / Dead ...
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    Mosaic - Heimatspuk - CD

    Mosaic – Heimatspuk – CD

    After their highly acclaimed avant-garde debut album "Secret Ambrosian Fire", released by Eisenwald in 2019, Thuringian folklorists MOSAIC return to their black metal roots with their new full-length album "Heimatspuk", delivering a primal symbiosis of atmospheric metal, mystical soundscapes and traditional primal folk elements. The album continues where its predecessor ...
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    Mother Of All - Age Of The Solipsist - CD

    Mother Of All – Age Of The Solipsist – CD

    Mother of All is a one-man band fronted by multi-instrumentalist Martin Haumann. The style is deathmetal with melodic and progressive elements. The songs of Mother of All are varied, eclectic and always exploring the artform. Ultimately the inspiration is drawn from the deep cauldron that is Metal.

    For many years Martin has been a ...
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    Muhd - Dilogia - CD

    Muhd – Dilogia – CD

    Muhd is Samuel Vaney (Fargue, Cortez, Consor) and close collaborator of Dehn Sora / Treha Sektori.
    “Dilogia”, his first album, sees for the first time a remastered official CD release after its initial output in
    2014 as a limited Cassette. A study of contrasts within saturated, nostalgic and heart wrenching ambient melodies and ...
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    Muslimgauze - Uzi - CD

    Muslimgauze – Uzi – CD

    Muslimgauze was the main musical project of Bryn Jones (17 June 1961 – 14 January 1999), a British ethnic electronica and experimental musician who was influenced by conflicts and history in the Muslim world.

    Muslimgauze's gem from the late 80s. Cinematic, minimal, noisy, hypnotic, and gloomy. Probably not so overtly Middle ...
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    Natura Est - Real Seasons - CD

    Natura Est – Real Seasons – CD

    3rd release from British Electronic producer Tony Young (Autoclav1.1) and German Industrial/Noise
    powerhouse Andreas Davids (Xotox). After their self-titled, monolithic debut in 2018 (Ant-Zen) followed with the all-engulfing ‘SECOND’ in 2019 (Mahorka), they present their new opus “Real Seasons”. Six tracks of brooding ritualistic Dark Ambient that hark back to the old ways; ...
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    Nawather - Kenz Illusion - CD

    Nawather – Kenz Illusion – CD

    “Kenz illusion” where the abyss devours all souls – Progressive Oriental MetalTRACK LISTING
    Treasure Chest ;
    The Winter Serenades ;
    Breath of Jasmin ;
    Falleg ;
    Immortal Greed ;
    The Wind of Death ;
    Kings Cards ;
    Money Slave ;
    Khatwa ;
    Yamira.GENRE: Progressive Oriental Metal
    BARCODE: 3663663007082 ...
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    Nektar - …Sounds Like Swiss - CD + DVD

    Nektar – …Sounds Like Swiss – CD + DVD

    Unearthed audio and video recordings from legendary progressive rock band Nektar captured live in Switzerland, 1973. Includes an hour-long concert videotaped for Swiss TV's Kaléidospop, unseen since it's original broadcast. The two CD's include the audio portion of Kaléidospop as well as a complete show soundboard audio recording from the ...
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    Neptune Power Federation, The - Le Demon De L'amour - CD

    Neptune Power Federation, The – Le Demon De L’amour – CD

    The Neptune Power Federation brings back the love song and rocks as furiously as ever on their fifth studio album, Le Demon De L’Amour!

    Heading into the creation of their fifth studio album, Le Demon De L’Amour, Australian psychedelic rock and roll brigade The Neptune Power Federation couldn’t let go of ...
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    Neptunian Maximalism - Set Chaos To The Heart Of The Moon Live At Roadburn Redux 2021 - CD + DVD

    Neptunian Maximalism – Set Chaos To The Heart Of The Moon Live At Roadburn Redux 2021 – CD + DVD

    Recordings of the full set on both cd and dvd
    * Vinyl 2LP + DVD to be released later this year

    At Roadburn, there is seldom a shortage of music that defies description, but Neptunian Maximalism exist in a sonic realm several steps beyond that ...
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    Nervous Decay - Nervous Decay - CD

    Nervous Decay – Nervous Decay – CD

    Death metal that reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death in that legendary band’s more intricate and adventurous phases of existence. It’s unmistakably savage and capably skull-busting, but it also takes some interesting twists and turns, from the start-stop episodes at the outset to episodes of ravaging mayhem and galloping passages ...
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    Netherbird - Arete - CD

    Netherbird – Arete – CD

    On "Arete", NETHERBIRD melodic black/death metal that has become their hallmark. It is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian underground legacy, yet delivered with a strong sense of feel and urgency, allowing these tracks to exude the confidence and songwriting prowess of a band at the peak of their craft. The ...
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    Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black (Gold Disc) - CD

    Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black (Gold Disc) – CD

    If you have followed Nevermore, you will know this album is as dark as a desert blackout. Dreaming Neon Black, originally released in 1999, is essential metal on several levels. This is the first Nevermore album to consistently feature the technical metal sound the band became prominently known for. Secondly, ...
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    Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality (Gold Disc) - CD

    Nevermore – Enemies Of Reality (Gold Disc) – CD

    The 2003 collection of metal madness from the rulers of modern progressive thrash Nevermore continues the trend of brutal yet melodic chaos started on Dead Heart in a Dead World back in 2000. This band was always super-heavy, but in the last few releases offered an intelligent sense of atmosphere ...
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    Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (Gold Disc) - CD

    Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor (Gold Disc) – CD

    One listen to the 2005 magnum opus, This Godless Endeavor and you'll discover the classic NEVERMORE dark melodies are everywhere. "Final Product," "Born," "Bittersweet Feast," and "Medicated Nation" overflow with vintage NEVERMORE songwriting, all conveying that unexplainable feeling of sorrow, even despondency, characteristic of an album like Dreaming Neon Black ...
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