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    Banane Metalik - No Surrender - CD

    Banane Metalik – No Surrender – CD

    New MCD release by BANANE METALIK, 6 years after their last album release.
    Limited Collector's edition CD in gatefold sleeve.

    No Surrender
    Rock Out
    Let There Be Rock
    Let There Be gore (Bass Version)
    Dance (Boogie Version)

    GENRE: Punk/Psycho/Rockabilly/Metal
    BARCODE: 034966655660 ...
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    Barbora Xu - Olin Ennen - CD

    Barbora Xu – Olin Ennen – CD

    Building bridges between east and west is what young Czech musician Barbora Xu is aiming at on her debut Olin Ennen (“I was” in Finnish), drawing on millennia-old traditions to do so. The artist, who lives on a Finnish island, attaches great significance to the relationship between man and nature. It is ...
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    Bathory Legion & Hermann Kopp - Das Unheimliche - CD

    Bathory Legion & Hermann Kopp – Das Unheimliche – CD

    Septenary Arts is proud to present "Das Unheimliche", a collaborative split recording between the
    legendary Germany composer Hermann Kopp and the Roman act Bathory Legion. "Das Unheimliche",
    which means the uncanny or eerie, is the first collaborative effort between these two imposing talents. Bathory Legion, who came up with the title, holds ...
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    Beckahesten - Tydor - CD

    Beckahesten – Tydor – CD

    Second full length album from one of Sweden's most singular sonic entity. Featuring guest appearances by Kai Uwe Faust of Heilung, Lars-Magnar Enoksen and Anders Hovland, the music of Beckahesten emerges from a borderland where ambient, folk music and ritual converge. Recorded in various natural locations in Norway and Sweden, nature spirits have ...
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    Believer - Gabriel - CD

    Believer – Gabriel – CD

    2009 album from the late '80s/early '90s technical-Thrash Metallers, their first new album in 15 years. Gabriel includes guest appearances from Joe Rico (Sacrifice), Deron Miller (CKY/World Under Blood) and Rocky Gray (Evanescence/Soul Embraced/Living Sacrifice) amongst others. Remastered to  perfection by Bombworks Sound and fans are also treated to a ...
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    Believer - Transhuman - CD

    Believer – Transhuman – CD

    Transhumanism: The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. Few albums in the metal genre transcend greatness like Transhuman. Repackaged with an expanded ...
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    Belladonna - Night Shade - CD

    Belladonna – Night Shade – CD

    Obscure Melodic Metal/Hard Rock band from Texas with a shelved album forgotten since 1990. The tape with the album songs was rescued recently to digital treatment and added a few bonus tracks from rough demos. All of this material was recorded between 1989 and 1990. The CD is accompanied with an 8-page ...
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    Blasted Pancreas - Carcinoma - CD

    Blasted Pancreas – Carcinoma – CD

    Gore House Productions is happy to unleash a personal favorite, 'Carcinoma' by Greek grinders, Blasted Pancreas. With a decade since its initial release, 'Carcinoma' will have a proper reissue showcasing what GHP considers to be highly undervalued pathological inspired goregrind album. Carcinoma is total Lymphatic Phlegm worship; Its dark, atmospheric, ...
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    Blazon Rite - Endless Halls Of Golden Totem - CD

    Blazon Rite – Endless Halls Of Golden Totem – CD

    First full-length from up-and-coming Philadelphia primal epic metallers! A year after the release of their brilliant Dulce Bellum Inexpertis EP, Philadelphia’s Blazon Rite returns with their first full-length, Endless Halls of Golden Totem, a triumph of true metal power! The global pandemic-related obstacles facing Blazon Rite were not uncommon: They went months without ...
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    Blessdivine - Between Sin & Sacrifice - CD

    Blessdivine – Between Sin & Sacrifice – CD

    BLESSDIVINE is a new Ukrainian power-metal project created in early 2019 as a collaboration act between Max Molodtsov (Edenian, Sorrowful Land) and Artem Soleyko (Time Shadow). Their music evolved under the influence of the giants of the genre such as Kamelot, Edguy, HammerFall, Powerwolf etc. Between Sin & Sacrifice is theyr first full ...
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    Bloody Falls - Burn The Witch - CD

    Bloody Falls – Burn The Witch – CD

    This five-pieced killer combo was formed back in 2017 in the city of Valkeakoski (Finland). Their explosive sound combines all kind of elements of the most extreme metal genre, including blasting drums, epic passages and memorable guitar riffs that will make your head explode in a million pieces.TRACK LISTING
    2.Soul Ripper
    3.A Reason To ...
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    Boneyard - Back To A Zombie Planet - CD

    Boneyard – Back To A Zombie Planet – CD

    New band from Noel of Gruesome Stuff Relish made to pay tribute to Impetigo spanish old school goregrind band, in the vein of Haemorrhage, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Carcass.

    - Limited Edition of 500

    1. Rise of the Dead
    2. In a Hideous Pit
    3. The Green Hell
    4. Carnival Of Terror
    5. Let The Good Times ...
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    Bowrain - 2020 Sec Alive - CD

    Bowrain – 2020 Sec Alive – CD

    Release of the CD format of album 2020 Sec Alive is a conclusion to a project that started its journey as a live performance engaging more than 30 artists. The recording of this performance was than established as a digital album release and live video album. It will now be available as ...
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    Brahmastrika - Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication - CD

    Brahmastrika – Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication – CD

    Noble Jewelcase Edition with 4-Page Booklet
    Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication is the consequence of ineliminable yogisolationary practices and meticulous exploitation of primal sanatana knowledge filtered through rashayanic paleo-enzymes, unfurled onto the synapsidal slavo-gynarchy.

    Palindromic primordial manifestations, exponentially multiplicative kama-tantras and eschatological hadean enlightenment is concentrated, culminated and adulterated is inscribed through autonomous oscillations and cyclic dev-monic ...
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    Brain Damage Meets Big Youth - Beyond The Blue - CD

    Brain Damage Meets Big Youth – Beyond The Blue – CD

    The iconic Big Youth and the inspiring Brain Damage meet in this album for a subtle blend of reggae and jazz.

    Big Youth is in great shape! He brilliantly signs his return with that album, made up almost exclusively of new pieces, the first in many years! The Jamaican Big Youth, has ...
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