Fabian – I’m A Man – The Drugstore’s Rockin’ – CDD

Band: Fabian

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: CDD


1 CD (Digipak) with 36‐page booklet, 37 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.
Fabiano Anthony Forte aka Fabian, actor and singer born in 1943 who was molded into a rock ‘n’ roller by the record company because of his good looks.
Marketed as a combination of Elvis Presley and Rick Nelson, Fabian recorded a variety of fine rock numbers between 1958 and 1961, which Bear Family Records® has bundled together for the album in our ‘The Drugstore’s Rocking’ series. 
Fabian may not be a Caruso or Elvis Presley vocally, but his up‐tempo recordings positively sparkle with unbridled energy.
With hits like Tiger, Turn Me Loose and Hound Dog Man on this CD, Fabian landed on the Billboard pop charts a total of ten times, and even in the Top10 with these three numbers.
Fabian is accompanied by jazz and studio greats such as Earl Palmer, Plas Johnson, Peter DeAngelis and Al Caiola.
Detailed liner notes by Bill Dahl in the illustrated booklet.

At least at the beginning, Fabian was the most reluctant teen idol in America. Bob Marcucci, boss of Chancellor Records, discovered 14‐year‐old Fabiano Forte on his front stoop in Philadelphia, worried sick about his father, who had just been hauled away in an ambulance. After some serious effort, Marcucci finally convinced the lad to try his hand at recording rock and roll. The pleasing results are on this jam‐packed collection. At first, Fabian was a work in progress behind the mic, but it didn’t take him long to start scoring smashes for Chancellor.

I’m A Man, the Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman‐penned Turn Me Loose, Tiger, Hound Dog Man ‐ Fabian nailed one hit after another in 1959, and millions of girls squealed their approval. This comp isn’t limited to Fabian’s mammoth hits; he did some of his best rocking on his Chancellor albums, and there are plenty of eye‐openers here from those sets as well. Break Down And Cry, his lone ’62 single for Dot Records, is aboard too, produced by label boss Randy Wood and Pat Boone. Fabian’s rock and roll career was short but sweet; Bear Family’s deep dive into his surprisingly rich catalog is sure to please!

Track listing:
01 I’m A Man
02 Tongue‐Tied
03 Ooh, What You Do!
04 Turn Me Loose
05 I’ve Got Nobody
06 Gonna Get You
07 Stop Thief!
08 Little Meanie Jeanie
09 Hong Kong
10 Everything Is Just Right
11 Grapevine
12 Lilly Lou
13 Be My Steady Date
14 String Along
15 Tiger Rag
16 Tiger
17 Learnin’
18 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
19 Take Me
20 Wild Party
21 Mighty Cold (To A Warm Warm Heart)
22 Tomorrow
23 Kissin’ And Twistin’
24 Long Before
25 Shivers
26 Break Down And Cry
27 Hound Dog Man
28 Lovesick
29 Hey Little Girl
30 Got The Feeling
31 Come On And Get Me
32 About This Thing Called Love
33 Gonna Make You Mine
34 King Of Love
35 Hypnotized
36 Remember Me
37 Please Don’t Stop

GENRE: Rock’n’roll/Teen Pop
BARCODE: 5397102176371