Releases – December 2021

Unzane - Test Of Time - CD

Unzane – Test Of Time – CD

Too Loud Records proudly presents “TEST OF TIME” the 5th album from Puerto Rican’s Classic Metal Heads “UNZANE”. This new album captures our idea of melodic groove heavy metal music. The 10 songs portraits the evolution of the band which is displayed throughout the entire record.This is what we can truly define in our 5th album which has very strong melodic vocals, power groove riffs and catchy choruses. Our songs are like most well-known stories they evolve over time. We know sound is the universal language ...
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Blessdivine - Between Sin & Sacrifice - CD

Blessdivine – Between Sin & Sacrifice – CD

BLESSDIVINE is a new Ukrainian power-metal project created in early 2019 as a collaboration act between Max Molodtsov (Edenian, Sorrowful Land) and Artem Soleyko (Time Shadow). Their music evolved under the influence of the giants of the genre such as Kamelot, Edguy, HammerFall, Powerwolf etc. Between Sin & Sacrifice is theyr first full length album.GENRE: Neoclassical Metal/GuitarBARCODE: 606707593984TRACK LISTING1. Prelude2. Heresy Divine3. Servants Of The Cross4. Fields Of Gold5. Eye Of The Storm6. Season Of The Witch7. Stay a While (Winds ofWinter)8. Mea ...
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Evil King - The Dark Age - CD

Evil King – The Dark Age – CD

First album for this Greek Argentine band that sung an epic power progressive metal. A really nice concept album, dedicated to the crusades that will delight those who love Queensryce sounds, Fates Warning and similar bands. The album was voted the best power metal release of March 2021 and now here it is in the physical version in an elegant digipack.GENRE: Metal/Power MetalBARCODE: 606707596695TRACK LISTING1. Intro (El Templario)2. Jerusalem3. The Dark Age4. A Sinful Allegiance5. Ancient Calling6. Kiss Me Goodbye7. The Order ...
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Arthur Falcone Stargazer - Straight To The Stars - CD

Arthur Falcone Stargazer – Straight To The Stars – CD

Third album for Arthur Falcone ‘Stargazer the combo led by Arthur Falcone one of the most famous neoclassical guitarists on the European and international scene so much so that the famous Japanese magazine’ Young Guitar ‘has inserted his second album’ The Genesis Of The Prophecy ‘between the 70 best guitar records of all time. This new album sees a comeback in style with exceptional guests such as Titta Tani (Goblins / Dgm), Goran Edman (Malmsteen / Glory / Brazen Abbott), ...
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Intaglio - II - CDD

Intaglio – II – CDD

After many years of silence Intaglio has released a new full-length album called “II”. The album can be described as a “doom opera” and will not only amaze old fans of the band, but should also interest new listeners with the contributions Intaglio has made to the development of the style. A large form was used on “II”, which is exceedingly rare in metal and rock music. Only live instruments were used in the recording, including classical ones such as cello and upright bass, ...
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Efyd - Like Shadows - CD

Efyd – Like Shadows – CD

“Like Shadows” – the debut full-length studio album by Italian Oldschool Death Metal band EFYD.It is not an album of sound interlacing of guitars and voices, but rather a place, where each song develops its own pace. The album is full of emotions and sensations in excruciating agony. The music is quite visual and characterizes the moment, sometimes brutal, sometimes reluctant, and an expression of events. Mark’s drumming is totally inspired by ‘90s Floridian Death Metal and Californian Thrash Metal. Frank and Luca’s ...
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Deafbrood - Hell Reel - CDD

Deafbrood – Hell Reel – CDD

If we’re gonna play Rock’n’Roll, We’d better play it loud !Hard Rock like you love it, inspired by the genra holy monsters !GENRE: Hard Rock’n’rollBARCODE: 3663663008331 ...
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Death Decline - The Silent Path - CDD

Death Decline – The Silent Path – CDD

Three years after “The Thousand Faces Of Lies”, Death Decline is back with a more nuanced and personal album, where the agression is blended with melancholy. Fruit of the multiple visions of its creators, “The Silent Path” marks a powerful return to the Thrash/Death roots of the band.The new wave of French Thrash / Death Metal, for fans of Machine Head, Trivium, Testament…GENRE: Thrash Death MetalBARCODE: 3663663008553 ...
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Primal Rage - Awakening The Masses - CDD

Primal Rage – Awakening The Masses – CDD

For fans of Slayer, Hatebreed, Grip Inc., Terror.GENRE: Thrash HardcoreBARCODE: 3663663008775 ...
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Trank - The Ropes (Deluxe Edition) - CDD

Trank – The Ropes (Deluxe Edition) – CDD

For the fans of Soundgarden, Killing Joke, Pearl Jam, Muse, Depeche Mode.GENRE: Alternative RockBARCODE: 3663663009024 ...
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