Releases – March 2021

A/Lpaca - Make It Better - CD

A/Lpaca – Make It Better – CD

Sulatron Records is proud to release the debut LP and CD of this young psychedelic post punk band from Mantova, Italy.
The "beat", the hypnotic and obsessive force that recalls primitive dances, is the concept of 'Make It Better'. The album takes place in an imaginary "beat club", which is at the ...
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Saturnia - Stranded In The Green - CD

Saturnia – Stranded In The Green – CD

Sulatron Records is proud to release the 8th album of the portugese kultband Saturnia!
Founded in the mid nineties by multiinstrumentalist Luis Simões, he recorded the albums mostly by himself, but also with a few selected guests, notably Daevid Allen (Gong), Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze). The first 7 ...
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Wylde Tryfles, The - Fuzzed And Confused - Vinyl

Wylde Tryfles, The – Fuzzed And Confused – Vinyl

The WYLDE TRYFLES sound wild and out of control, playing their modern take on ultra‐fuzzed 60s garage‐punk, full of snotty garage vocals, screams, back from the grave vibes and hypnotic dangerous beat!

The sound of their new LP “Fuzzed And Confused” is a continuous wave of influences from 60s and 80s garage ...
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Karma To Burn - Thee Rabbit Hole (Early Demos) - Vinyl

Karma To Burn – Thee Rabbit Hole (Early Demos) – Vinyl

Karma To Burn was founded in 1993 and they produced raw instrumental stoner rock without any
singers or lyrics. For the first (self-titled) album, however, a singer was hired under pressure from the record company Roadrunner Records. Karma to Burn was released in 1997. Shortly thereafter, the band separated from ...
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Kankar - Dunkle Millennia (Hotfoil Embossed) - CDD

Kankar – Dunkle Millennia (Hotfoil Embossed) – CDD

KANKAR are a black metal duo hailing from Thuringia, Germany. The band began in 2016, and two
years later had released their debut EP, Elemental Fury. Aptly titled, Elemental Fury indeed lived up to its title and then some: despite the relatively raw nature of the recording, KANKAR's songwriting chops were already honed ...
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Solbrud - Levende I Bronshoj Vandtarn - DVD + CDD

Solbrud – Levende I Bronshoj Vandtarn – DVD + CDD

Since their formation in 2009, Danish black metal act SOLBRUD have forged melodic and evocative
compositions in raw, storm-like, and atmospheric soundscapes. Their self-titled debut album was
released in 2012, and in 2014, the infernal 'Jærtegn' followed, displaying a natural sense for complex songwriting that was further cultivated on 'Vemod' in 2017 ...
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Featured - Girly - CDD

Featured – Girly – CDD

“After proudly being fired from all my former musical endeavours, I moved to LA in the early 2000’s and
got the chance to work with Giorgio Moroder and the great producer Keith Forsey (Simple Minds, Billy
Idol) amongst others, and have been happily working in the music, film and video game industry ...
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Dead Animal - Bring Out The Dead - CD

Dead Animal – Bring Out The Dead – CD

The butchers are back – more horrific than ever. Oregon-based industrial metal collective, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, combine a taste for theatrics with a love of macabre horror and aggressive industrial metal to create their uniquely raw sound.TRACK LISTING
1. Cemetery Slums
2. A Violent Breed
3. The Ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche
4. Colors Under Attack
5 ...
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Hilyard - Division Cycle - CDD

Hilyard – Division Cycle – CDD

Under the solemn gaze of Furthermore the gears of hatred and wrath grind down the bones of humanity into sustenance, digested deep within the bowels of the earth, where the roots of its ancient trees pull the flesh from the ramparts of civilization and giants move as clouds of remnant dust above ...
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Dronny Darko & Ajna - Radioactive Immersion - CDD

Dronny Darko & Ajna – Radioactive Immersion – CDD

Dronny Darko & Ajna team up on this dark wasteland soundscape album

Track Listing:
1. Anomalous Gravity Distortion 05:33
2. Bottomless Gorge 05:52
3. Electromagnetic Pulse 07:01
4. Uranium 235 04:01
5. Plutonium Clouds (feat. protoU) 06:08
6. Mutated DNA 05:56
7. Radioactive Immersion 12:22GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693143673 ...
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Shoodja-Choodja - Shooldyrak CD

Shoodja-Choodja – Shooldyrak CD

Where is Udmurtia? Only those who paid attention in geography lessons know how to correctly classify the republic in the "Volga Federal District" geographically. Udmurtia is located in the European part of Russia west of the Ural Mountains between the rivers Kama and Vyatka and is mainly characterized by the taiga landscape ...
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Gajanas - Cihkkojuvvon - Hidden - CD

Gajanas – Cihkkojuvvon – Hidden – CD

Gájanas, in English Echo, comes from the top of Finland, Inari-Utsjoki and plays Northern Sámi ethno-progressive music.
Members of the band are Hildá Länsman, Nicholas Francett, Kevin Francett and Erkki Feodoroff. Gájanas was the band of the year by the famous folk music festival Kaustinen 2017 and they won second prize at ...
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Suistamon Sahko - Varokaa! Hengenvaara - CD

Suistamon Sahko – Varokaa! Hengenvaara – CD

Still deeply rooted in their high energy dancey arctic etnotekno sound, this album is bands most pop-esque but also the wildest one so far. It’s a diverse mix of four voices rapping and singing with evolving, primal yet experimental beats. A unique band sound where tiny Soviet made Notka accordion is the ...
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Fritch - How's The View There? - Vinyl

Fritch – How’s The View There? – Vinyl

What began on a laptop in the U.S. and Vietnam found a home in the U.K. and collaborative works. Violins, pianos, bangra drums and electronics. Experimentations with textures and sound. Scott Walker and Low, Leonard Cohen and Burial all helped shape live loops and their echoes.What arrived is a mini-album of self ...
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They/Live - Ablation - CD

They/Live – Ablation – CD

Named after the 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi/action film, Whitney Mower’s new project They/Live pays homage to artists of that era (like Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins ) while weaving in sounds, themes, and a powerful female perspective very much rooted in the present (think Grimes, Juana Molina, The Knife).

Using ethereal synth ...
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