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Insect Inside - The First Shining Of New Genus - Vinyl

Insect Inside – The First Shining Of New Genus – Vinyl

‘The First Shining of New Genus’ is the debut album by Russian newcomers, INSECT INSIDE. The trio features current members of Traumatomy, Disfigurement of Flesh, and Morphogenetic Malformation, contributing to a symbiosis of several subgenres of brutal death metal. Fans of all things extreme, can expect technical riffs, dainty grooves, insane blast beats and more. Housed with album art by Aghy Purakusuma (Scrotoctomy, Bleeding Murder, Guttural Disease), ‘The First Shining of New Genus’ was Mixed and Mastered by Goya Recording Studio. It also features guest ...
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Ars Magna Umbrae - Throne Between Worlds - CD

Ars Magna Umbrae – Throne Between Worlds – CD

Just a year after the release of the acclaimed "Apotheosis", ARS MAGNA UMBRAE are back on the scene with "Throne Between Worlds", their third full-length album and a new visionary statement of occult and esoteric black metal. Dhomth's stunning cover painting is a perfect representation of the dimension ARS MAGNA UMBRAE inhabit: a plutonic underworld of madness and despair, located on the border between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The stylistic code adopted by sole member K.M. hasn't ...
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Noise Trail Immersion - Curia - CDD

Noise Trail Immersion – Curia – CDD

After the 2018 release "Symbology of Shelter", which culminated with total desperation and nihilistic chaos, NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION are back on the scene with "Curia", their most mature and spiritual record to date. Resuming from the pandemonium unleashed in the final part of the band's last record, the new album starts off from a zero point and sets the beginning of a totally different path: a path starting from absolute void and reaching, after a troubled journey, a sort of eerie and mystic cohesion ...
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Vertebra Atlantis - Lustral Purge In Cerulean Bliss - CDD

Vertebra Atlantis – Lustral Purge In Cerulean Bliss – CDD

VERTEBRA ATLANTIS are born from the imagination of G.G., the artist behind COSMIC PUTREFACTION, one of 2020's most revered death metal bands. In this new metal adventure G.G. is supported by two fellow musicians: R.R. (HOMSELVAREG) on drums and vocals, and Vrangr (SPELLS OF MISERY) on bass. VERTEBRA ATLANTIS' debut album, "Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss" brings to life a relentless blend of dissonant black metal, dark atmospheres and monolithic death metal. The band paints desolate landscapes to be admired in awe.The granite rhythm ...
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Creature - Eloge De L'ombre - CDD

Creature – Eloge De L’ombre – CDD

As with each album, this new 'praise of the shadows' (approximate translation of "Eloge De L'Ombre") marks a new change in the ever-fascinating oeuvre of CREATURE. Temporarily leaving behind the full-blown cosmic and uniquely baroque approach of the critically acclaimed "Ex Cathedra" album from 2020, CREATURE shape-shifts once more and takes a step sideways. Still not bound by any convention, and retaining his knack for lush and bold songwriting, mastermind Raphaël Fournier seizes the opportunity to delve further into other dark corners of his ...
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Alkuharmonian Kantaja - Shadowy Peripherals - CDD

Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals – CDD

ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA (in English, "One Who Carries The Original Harmony") is a fresh perspective back into the world of avant-garde black metal of the days gone. An entity born in Oulu, Finland in 2020 by J. Usurper of KHANUS fame (bass, guitars, vocals), complimented by the likewise Oulu native S. Redeemer (drums) and reaching its full potential through the Swiss based D. Harbinger (keys). "Shadowy Peripherals" is ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA's ambitious debut album. It is an introspective journey deep into the depths of the human ...
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Wreche - All My Dreams Came True - CDD

Wreche – All My Dreams Came True – CDD

"To sing you must first open your mouth. You must have a pair of lungs, and a little knowledge of music. It is not necessary to have an accordion, or a guitar. The essential thing is to want to sing. This then is a song. I am singing." - Henry Miller Hailing from Oakland, California, WRECHE is the solo project of John Steven Morgan (piano, synth, drums, vocals), a classical-trained musician in love with extreme metal, and black metal in particular. "All My ...
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Goatcraft - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi - CD

Goatcraft – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi – CD

The best GOATCRAFT album to date, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" exhibits the next evolutionary step for sole member Lonegoat's blend of Necroclassical music. Apex piano fury follows linear yet flowing paths. In addition, tasteful dark ambiance serves as a buffer to affix a modicum of diversity to the presentation. The spirit of metal is intact; power, darkness, and occasional high melodicism are presented in impermeable form to grant the most imposing expression of the project. This is not an exiguous endeavor. GOATCRAFT has proven ...
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Kreationist - Dans L'interminable - CDD

Kreationist – Dans L’interminable – CDD

Hailing from Belgium, KREATIONIST debuted with the "Indulgence" EP in 2019, gaining the attention of critics and fans thanks to a sombre, visionary piece spiced with moments of trip hop. The new album, "Dans L'Interminable'' evolves on these same premises, mixing atmospheric doom/black metal with ambient music and post-metal, but with better production and an exquisite songwriting focused on crepuscular melodies. If the debut EP used poems from French genius Arthur Rimbaud, the lyrics for "Dans L'Interminable" are taken from the oeuvre of Rimbaud's ...
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Solitvdo - Hegemonikon - CDD

Solitvdo – Hegemonikon – CDD

SOLITVDO is not a simple musical project. SOLITVDO shuns the “artistic” conception of making music, its empty and sterile aesthetic manifestation, the inoffensive banality of the ideals conveyed by it, the purely mercantile drift as the sole end. SOLITVDO is matter and substance for an inner regeneration, it will be the vehicle to reveal the highest existential conceptions.SOLITVDO strives for an existence of tensions and inner conflicts (and external), incites the confrontation against ourselves (and the others), enhances the inner discipline (and physics) and ...
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In Aevum Agere - Emperor Of Hell - Canto Xxxiv - CD

In Aevum Agere – Emperor Of Hell – Canto Xxxiv – CD

Two and a half years after their last album, IN AEVUM AGERE's third full-length sees the light of day. "Emperor of Hell - Canto XXXIV", like its predecessor, is inspired by and lyrically based on Dante's "Divina Commedia", not surprisingly again the "Inferno" part of this opus, which offers a wealth of grim and allegorical imagery. The horror of death and hell is almost palpable here. The album is full of sophisticated melodies, doom-laden heavy and powerful riffs, desperate sounding, soulful vocals, with a ...
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Age Of Wolves - Age Of Wolves - CD

Age Of Wolves – Age Of Wolves – CD

During the time of a global pandemic, Ontario, Canada’s AGE OF WOLVES not only formed out of some previously heavy hitting bands, but they managed to write and record an album. Their self-titled debut is a barnburner of an album that rocks from the first note to the last! Despite having formed in October 2019 – right at the outset of our current “plague” – this is hardly a bunch of rookies we are dealing with. Comprised of the tight and integrated rhythm ...
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Erzsebet - The Blasphemous Lady - CD

Erzsebet – The Blasphemous Lady – CD

This four-pieced combo was formed back in 2019 by members of bands such as Perennial Isolation, Acid Blood, Archetype X or Lvx In Tenebris. Combining the rawest riffs of Black Metal with symphonic arrangements and a very theatrical image. The band presents this first conceptual work based on the myth of Countess Elisabeth Bathory, twisting even more & exuding beauty and horror. Erzsebet offers a different proposal worthy of being discovered by the international Metal scene. These metalheads are ready to paint the sky ...
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Moorah - Marnost Nad Marnost - CD

Moorah – Marnost Nad Marnost – CD

Moorah began as a one-man project of Count Hroozah, in late 2019. Moorah is a post-blackmetal band from Prague (Czechia). In the music of Moorah you can hear the elements used by classic Czech and Norwegian black metal acts, as well as other post-metal, post- punk and blackgaze techniques. Moorah’s music doesn’t succumb to the trend of overproduced underwhelming black metal. Authenticity, intuitiveness and the power of the message is paramount in the music.Technically, Moorah’s music is based on the legacy of the Czech ...
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Dperd - Monsters - CDD

Dperd – Monsters – CDD

Dperd are Carlo Disimone & Valeria Buono. After playing with Fear of the Storm in the 90’s, in 2001 formed DPERD. They released two selfproduced albums,"2003" & "3non", then the band signed in 2007 with My Kingdom Music and released the album "Regalerò Il Mio Tempo" ("I'll Give My Time") in 2008. The partnership with the label continues with new jewels of Dark Wave and melancholic Pop like “Io Sono Un Errore” (“I’m A Mistake”) (2010), the amazing “Kore” (2013), the intimate “V” ...
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