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Cult0 - Of The Sun - Transparent Cassette

Cult0 – Of The Sun – Transparent Cassette

First there was darkness, then CultØ came. In 2015 Dave started writing the music he wanted to listento and play, inspired by In Flames, Bloodbath and Septicflesh. In 2019 he had enough songs to recorda full album so he put together the right team to do it. The first rehearsal was set for what came out tobe the first day of lockdown. This did not stop the band and exactly one year later their first record“Of The Sun” came to ...
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Astrayed Place - Edge Of The Mist - CD

Astrayed Place – Edge Of The Mist – CD

From a fluent and melancholic voice to a saturated and agonizing scream, from the soft and clean notesto a brutal and blaring riff, the spectrum of their repertoire will touch every sensibility.Among other themes, they regularly address loneliness and gloominess, but also some of the most abject human behaviors. Whether it is through their lyrics or their music, they express what they have deep inside.Tracklisting01_01-Intro01_02-Inert City01_03-Slaughter The Ants01_04-Death Blossom01_05-Horizons01_06-Waves of Pain01_07-Voiceless01_08-Broken Flower01_09-Too Deep Down01_10-ReflectionsGENRE: Alternative MetalBARCODE: 3663663012444 ...
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Krysaor - Foreword - CDD

Krysaor – Foreword – CDD

Krysaor is a Heavy Metal band founded by Arnaud Carnielli (drums) composed of Christophe Laurent (guitars), Varenfel (keyboards), Gus Monsanto (vocals) [ex-Adagio, ex-Revolution Renaissance with Timo Tolkki from Stratovarius] and Jules Brosset (Bass).Tracklisting01_01-Celestial Sanctuary01_02-Abyss Of Oblivion01_03- By Your Side01_04-The Disciple01_05-Let There Be Light01_06-Emperor Of The Seas01_07-The GateDurée totale : 40.03GENRE: Heavy MetalBARCODE: 3663663012529 ...
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Locomuerte - Los Clasicos De Locos - CDD

Locomuerte – Los Clasicos De Locos – CDD

For fans of Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead and Chicano life style The band quickly made a name for itself from the underground scene with ultra caliente live shows.LOCOMUERTE shared the stage with legendary bands like SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, INFECTIOUS GROOVE, MADBALL, DOG EAT DOG, THE EXPLOITED, LOFOFORA, LOUDBLAST…Tracklisting01_01 La vida Loca02_02 Tiropamatar03_03 Ronque04_04 Barrio05_05 Corazon a la calle06_06 En la calle muero07_07 LM Vitamina08_08 Pa Me Gente09_09 Rumble10_10 Bandolero11_11 Mi FamiliaGENRE: Thrash Punk CrossoverBARCODE: 3663663011614 ...
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Stormhaven - Blindsight - CD

Stormhaven – Blindsight – CD

Stormhaven often name Symphony X, Opeth and Enslaved as their main influences but many other bands have inspired their work. Sometimes brutal, sometimes Black or Progressive, the scenery changes many times throughout a single song, keeping the listener intrigued while the band travels through multiple musical landscapes.Tracklisting01_01-Fracture 08:2601_02-Vision 07:5101_03-Shadow Walker 07:1801_04-Hellion 07:3101_05-Salvation 08:1801_06-Dominion 24:31Total : 1h03m57sGENRE: Progressive MetalBARCODE: 3663663012291 ...
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