Shindig! Magazine - Shindig! 141 - Magazine

Shindig! Magazine – Shindig! 141 – Magazine

Nick Drake Biographer Richard Morton Jack dispels the rumours.
Alex Harvey Before he was “sensational”. The working musician’s ’60s Adventures.
The Wicker Man We celebrate the totemic folk‐horror musical’s 50th birthday.
Yusuf / Cat Stevens Exclusive interview! From Tin Pan Alley to pop stardom and the dawn of a new era. Plus, his …
Shindig! Magazine - Shindig! 139

Shindig! Magazine – Shindig! 139

The Rain Parade LA’s early ’80s psyched guitar heroes go back on the road.
Trifle Nineteen‐Seventy jazz‐fusion from both the underground and the mainstream.
The Masters Apprentices The second half of our exclusive story of the shape‐shifting Aussi rockers.
The Sonics The first? The wildest? The best? The Northwest legends who blew garage‐punk.
wide …
Shindig! - Shindig! 138 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 138 – Magazine

The King’s Road The birth of Swinging London’s epicentre
The Heavy Metal Kids The pre‐punk, glam‐adjacent rockers who almost made it.
The Masters Apprentices Part One of our in‐depth appreciation of the influential, shape‐shifting Aussies.
The Byrds Country‐rock, soundtrack infamy, megalomania and awkward reunions. Inside their tumultuous final years.
The Lemon Twigs The preternaturally …
Shindig! - Shindig! 137 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 137 – Magazine

The Dream Syndicate. The leftfield heroes of The Paisley Underground.
Triangle How to do French prog‐pop crossover and be a success.
Dotti Holmberg A tale of folk clubs, sunshine‐pop royalty, and not doing drugs.
The Jeff Beck Group Out of The Yardbirds and into an unwelcome pop career. The guitar god’s curious late …
Shindig! - Shindig! 136 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 136 – Magazine

Features Black Lips They’re not evil! Twenty years of transgressive garage Brainticket On the trail with the pan‐European ’70s psych enigmas Dorothy Ashby The jazz harpist who transcended genre and expectation UK Psych CompsThe genesis and development of the format that continues to bloom Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil How …
Shindig! - Shindig! 135 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 135 – Magazine

Mandy Morton Folk‐rock’s magic lady recounts her ’70s heyday
Dark Hard (and soft) rock rumblings from a Northampton basement
Laurie Styvers How a displaced US singer‐songwriter carved her niche in the early ’70s
Whiteout Too glam, too country, just too good for the ’90s Britpop landscape
The Standells LA garage gods who found fame …
Shindig! - Shindig! 134 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 134 – Magazine

The Shindig! Writers’ Poll 2022 Our annual round‐up of the year’s highlights
in music, books, film and live shows
Children Of The Stones Inside the soundtrack of the 1977 kids’
supernatural TV show
The Spencer Davis Group After Winwood: what do we do now?
Prelude How the folk‐pop trio got turned on
Aphrodite’s Child The origins …
Shindig! - Shindig 133 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig 133 – Magazine

Anticlimax An avant‐garde acid film curio from Mexico.
Fruupp The Irish pastoral proggers.
Bobby Callender The enigmatic spiritual psych/funk mystery man speaks.
John Schroeder Soul coaxing writer, producer and arranger supreme.
The Flirtations From the American Deep South to Swinging London: three girls who lit up the late ’60s UK pop‐soul scene.
Thougts & Words …
Shindig! - Shindig132 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig132 – Magazine

Hector When glam-rock met The Beano.
Joyce The international breakthrough that didn’t happen…until now?
Fleetwood Mac In search of a new identity: the transitional ’70s years.
Charles Stepney The Chicagoan who gave soul-jazz a hip, psychedelic slant.
Gypsy From Minnesota to LA and a big budget double-album debut.
Dungen, The Swedish psych-rock warriors, look back …
Shindig - Shindig 131 - Magazine

Shindig – Shindig 131 – Magazine

Cheap Trick An early episode in the story of America’s ’70s pop anti‐heroes
Arthur Brown Out of the fire and off to Kingdom Come and who knows where?
Misty British prog‐poppers’ album sees the light of day after 53 years
The Lemon Pipers How a US #1 hit derailed the Ohio psych‐blues outsiders
Marianne …
Shindig! - Shindig! 130 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 130 – Magazine

Herb Lester Maps and guides for the switched‐on traveller
Andy Ellison The stunt rocker briefly becomes a solo artist and film editor
Kikagaku Moyo The Japanese psych‐rock troupe bow out gracefully
The Sons Of Adam The explosive story of the darlings of The Sunset Strip
Helen Love “Bubblegum‐punk‐disco” from Wales?
You better believe it
Hatfield And …
Shindig! - Shindig! 129 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 129 – Magazine

’90s Albums The Shindig! team pick their favourite under‐theradar
long‐players from The Decade That Doesn’t Fit
Deaf School The second most important band to come out of
Liverpool? Let’s find out
Godley & Creme Their ’60s pop roots and late ’70s and ’80s
grand ambitions
Zal Yanovsky How The Lovin’ Spoonful’s talented
guitarist and zany charmer fell …
Shindig! - Shindig! 128 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 128 – Magazine

New Age Travellers On The Road: A chronicle. From shackle‐free early
’60s beatniks to ’80s bus living
Diesel Park West From Leicester with love. The return of the out‐of time
jangle‐pop obsessives
The Staple Singers How the first family of gospel‐soul became hit
recording artists and figureheads for Black self empowerment
Blondie Pure pop inspired by …
Shindig! - Shindig! 127 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig! 127 – Magazine

Ride Oxford quartet’s growth from shoegaze stars to
elder statesmen
Johnny Harris The flamboyant producer, arranger and conductor’s
glory years
Dave Davies The Kinks’ second son reflects on his own career as
a songwriter and recording artist
Gong Daevid Allen’s unplanned
French and Balearic voyage
Thoughts & Words Your letters, tweets and emails
Shindiggin’ What’s hot on the Shindig! …
Shindig! - Shindig Issue 126 - Magazine

Shindig! – Shindig Issue 126 – Magazine

Nektar Not krautrock! Floydian Brit proggers conquer Germany
Brian Auger Into Oblivion. Experimentation and fusion in the ’70s
Neil Young His defining masterpiece Harvest and the rocky road that led him there
Ye Ye Girls Our guide to the early ’60s French pop explosion and the records that define it

Thoughts & Words Your …