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    Chemlab - Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar - CD

    Chemlab – Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar – CD

    Bursting out of Washington DC in 1989, Chemlab soon made a name for themselves, touring with NineInch Nails, White Zombie, GWAR, and more. Long considered their finest hour, this deluxe edition of Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar, has been remastered direct from the original DAT tapes, long thought lost ...

    Dead Animal - Bring Out The Dead - CD

    Dead Animal – Bring Out The Dead – CD

    The butchers are back – more horrific than ever. Oregon-based industrial metal collective, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, combine a taste for theatrics with a love of macabre horror and aggressive industrial metal to create their uniquely raw sound.TRACK LISTING1. Cemetery Slums2. A Violent Breed3. The Ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche4. Colors Under Attack5 ...

    Drownd - [An]Aesthetic - CD

    Drownd – [An]Aesthetic – CD

    Second album from the self-styled UK ‘Undustrial’ act DROWND.Promo videos for the tracks ‘Filth’ and Sinner’.UK / Euro Tour TBC.1. Palpitation2. Filth3. Save Yourself4. Deathwish (Intro)5. Deathwish6. Enough Is Enough7. Anhedonia8. Stripped9. Sinner10. Regaining Unconsciousness11. Choke12. Avolition13. Dirty14. You’ll Destroy ThisGENRE: IndustrialBARCODE: 5060179708584 ...

    Featured - Girly - CDD

    Featured – Girly – CDD

    “After proudly being fired from all my former musical endeavours, I moved to LA in the early 2000’s andgot the chance to work with Giorgio Moroder and the great producer Keith Forsey (Simple Minds, BillyIdol) amongst others, and have been happily working in the music, film and video game industry ...

    Jim Davies - Prey Later - CDD

    Jim Davies – Prey Later – CDD

    The stunning second album from former Prodigy / Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies.The CD features two bonus tracks that are exclusive to this edition.TRACK LISTING1. The Bar is Low2. Facts And Figures3. V-Sign (feat. Tut Tut Child)4. Prey Later5. Wake Up > React (feat. Abbie Aisleen)6. Choose Your Poison (Empirion Mix)7 ...

    Joy Thieves, The - American Parasite - CDD

    Joy Thieves, The – American Parasite – CDD

    Debut album from the Chicago-based Industrial supergroup, led by Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pigface). • Debut appearance by new Joy Thief “Big” Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke. TRACK LISTING 1. American Parasite 2. Drown By Invitation 3. My Life In Power 4. Crown of Expulsion 5. And You Wake ...

    Pig - Pain Killer - CDD

    Pig – Pain Killer – CDD

    The remix companion to PIG’s acclaimed ‘PAIN IS GOD’ album, featuring some of the Alt. scene’s finest acts, including Die Krupps, Cold Cave, Chris Vrenna (ex-NIN), KMFDM, Frontline Assembly and many more.TRACK LISTING1. Pain is God (PIG Remix) (5.53)2. Seed of Evil (Jim Davies Remix) (5.22)3. Sex & Death (ESA Remix) (5.33)4 ...

    Pig & Kmfdm - Sin Sex & Salvation (Deluxe) - CDD

    Pig & Kmfdm – Sin Sex & Salvation (Deluxe) – CDD

    This classic clash between Industrial titans PIG and KMFDM finally gets the deluxe rerelease upgrade that it deserves. Not only have the original tracks been restored from the original DATs but PIG have also re-recorded the title track featuring appearances from former KMFDM allies Guneter Schultz and En Esch. Also adding an element ...

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    Skatenigs - What Could Go Wrong? - CDD

    Skatenigs – What Could Go Wrong? – CDD

    Lock up your daughters and farmyard animals, five years since their ‘Adult Entertainment For Kids’album, Texas’s most obnoxious sons, Skatenigs, are back, and this time they’re pissed.TRACK LISTING1. Hell And Back Again2. We Can’t Have Nice Things3. PTSTD4. Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time5. Here We Go AgainGENRE: ...