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    Dark Redeemer - Into The Deep Black - CD

    Dark Redeemer – Into The Deep Black – CD

    DARK REDEEMER were born in the summer of 2018 out of the ashes of Aleph, a band devoted to an obscure, progressive death metal band that released four albums between 2006 and 2018. In spite of the great response, both by the fans and the press (Aleph were the Metal Hammer new ...

    Evilspell - Padre Vostro - CD

    Evilspell – Padre Vostro – CD

    EvilSpell’s story begins in the spring of 2006. At the time, Filo (guitar), Igor (drums) and Fra (bass) play in the Templars, but after finding themselves performing without the vocalist and the second guitarist when these decide not to show up at a concert at the last minute, that night ...

    Misstress - Resurrected - CDD

    Misstress – Resurrected – CDD

    MISSTRESS is shock rock / horror glam band from Poland, EU, raised at The Valpurgi’s Night of 2011 by Andy Schoeneich and Mateusz “Buczyfer” Buczek. The first line‐up was quickly enriched by drummer Bartłomiej “Świder” Świderek and bass player Mateusz “Daimon” Pażenczewski. MISSTRESS made their stage debut at the Harley Davidson Bike ...