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    Abreaktion - Bornhatred - CD

    Abreaktion – Bornhatred – CD

    Hailing from the cult-metal hotbed of Chile, Santiago’s ABREATKION are a thrash metal band founded in mid-2023 in by guitarists Roran Fatehatred and Javier Salgado and bassist Sebastián Logan. After only a few months of rehearsing, the band began recording their first EP at Lion’s Roar studio, which would be titled Bornhatred. At ...

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    Antagonyze - Interpretations Of The Unknown Wilderness - CD

    Antagonyze – Interpretations Of The Unknown Wilderness – CD

    Formed in 2019 and hailing from the always-thriving Chilean underground, ANTAGONYZE are a death metal band founded by guitarists Ignacio Riveros and Francisco Álvarez and bassist Mateo Gutiérrez. Soon enough, they began their first compositions and later recruited drummer Moisés Aguayo and the ex-vocalist to complete the formation. By the end of that first ...

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    Black Wound - Warping Structure - CD

    Black Wound – Warping Structure – CD

    Following a trio of demos, a split, and an EP since their formation in 2021, Sweden’s BLACK WOUND at last reveal their debut full length, Warping Structure, consisting of six tracks of dense, murky, cavernous death metal. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, the trio here sound like they’ve spent an unhealthy ...

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    Candarian - Stagnant Livor Mortis - CD

    Candarian – Stagnant Livor Mortis – CD

    From the lands of Costa Rica, we have heard some amazing and unique Death Metal in the last few years. Candarian is a new entity emerging from this distant land with a wonderfully doomy, eldritch blend of creepy music. On offer here is their demo, a putrescent and slimy soundscape of horror and ...

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    Chasmdweller - Flesh Crusade - CD

    Chasmdweller – Flesh Crusade – CD

    Nowadays, old school death metal is played by many bands but CHASMDWELLER took it on their own. Fans of old times should be happy as I am. It is basically a record for all the cursed, gravediggers and corpse searchers. “Flesh Crusade” is like a rusty knife that hits your ...

    Decrepisy - Emetic Communion - CD

    Decrepisy – Emetic Communion – CD

    Dragged from the grimy depths of the rivers of Portland, Oregon, the spirit of Decrepisy made flesh in early 2020 comes ripping with a style of regressive, gut-churning death metal only the likes of Kyle House (Vastum, Acephalix) could manifest. With the addition of Jonathan Quintana (Thanamagus, Ritual Necromancy) on guitars, Tim ...

    Eskhaton - Worship Death - CD

    Eskhaton – Worship Death – CD

    ‘Worship Death’ is miasmic and chaotic Black/Death Metal from the crypts of Australia. Eskhaton much like its peers is creating dark music from the chaos, order is to be found on your own with the aid of multiple senses. This is earth-crumbling, planedevouring blackness. Teitanblood meets Incantation at Portal’s doorstep ...

    Gateway - Flesh Reborn - CD

    Gateway – Flesh Reborn – CD

    Based in Bruges, GATEWAY formed in 2014 and soon began their ascent through the underground as one of the murkiest and most mysterious death-doom bands around. After a stage-setting demo, GATEWAY released their self-titled debut album in 2015, which established mainman R as an individual with a decidedly twisted vision: ...

    Gold Spire - Gold Spire - CD

    Gold Spire – Gold Spire – CD

    An unexpected and genre-defying new recording featuring current and former members of Usurpress, Sarcasm, and Obskyr, GOLD SPIRE fuses together the smoldering coals of jazz and progressive rock, channeled through the prism of dark death metal to create a transcendent and filth-ridden portal to the musical netherworlds.TRACK LISTING1. Day Dawns Dark2. Headless ...

    Grim Fate/The Sombre - From Ancient Slumber/The Horrid Silence - CD

    Grim Fate/The Sombre – From Ancient Slumber/The Horrid Silence – CD

    Featuring two still-young titans of doomed-our death metal, this split album features three exclusive tracks from both bands, with Grim Fate’s half title “From Ancient Slumber” and The Sombre’s “The Horrid Silence Thus Begun”. Totaling 43 minutes, “From Ancient Slumber / The Horrid Silence Thus Begun” is a crucial work for fans ...

    Hell Strike - Hellstrike - CD

    Hell Strike – Hellstrike – CD

    Members of BLOODSOAKED, ASCENDED DEAD, and RITUAL NECROMANCY join forces to unleash their debur six-song, 24-minute mini-album of primeval death metal chaos. The mini-albums stands firmly on a foundation of early 2000s black/death and early-to-mid ’90s death metal, recaling the likes of Sadistic Intent, Grotesque (Sweden), The Chasm, Necrophobic, Mortem (Peru) and ...

    Hell Strike - Hellstrike - Vinyl

    Hell Strike – Hellstrike – Vinyl

    Featuring members of Ascended Dead, Ritual Necromancy, and Bloodsoaked among others, HELL STRIKE is a new band with an old sound. The idea of HELL STRIKE started like most bands: it was at a metal show where Charlie Koryn, Johnatan Quintana, and José Luis Rodríguez met and talked about jamming some old songs ...

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    Majestic Downfall/The Slow Death - Split Album - CD

    Majestic Downfall/The Slow Death – Split Album – CD

    Six new tracks (three from each band) totaling over 67 minutes of Doom Metal in the best form..Majestic Downfall, one of Mexico’s best current bands, is ready with three new songs that are among the band’s heaviest and finest. This Doom Metal band uses Death Metal influences to enhance the ...

    Miasmic Serum - Infected Seed - CD

    Miasmic Serum – Infected Seed – CD

    Formed in late 2022, MIASMIC SERUM are an old-school death metal power trio hailing between Venice and Treviso, Italy. Their style takes inspiration from ’90s American death metal bands, leading to a viperous death metal that is conceptually related to poisoning, intoxication on the whole, toxic plants, animal venoms, and even personal previous ...

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    Morbid Messiah - Disgorged In The Coffin - CD

    Morbid Messiah – Disgorged In The Coffin – CD

    Disgorged in the Coffin is a gutsfucking slab of sick-sick-sick, maddening DEATH METAL mania. Pure and proud, this is Metal of Death for the most maniacal of maniacs, by the most maniacal of maniacs; MORBID MESSIAH, if anything, have gotten filthier and more barbaric as time goes on. No “progression” here, only ...