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    Hot Boogie Chillun - Hot Boogie Chillun - CD

    Hot Boogie Chillun – Hot Boogie Chillun – CD

    Tracklisting:1 You’ll Never Know2 Strike Back3 Come With Me4 Dimples5 Wanna Hear You Scream6 Desperado Love7 Looiking Back8 Lights out9 Dirty Old Man10 You Don’t Know11 Whine and Cry12 Black Cat’s Bone13 Hey, Girl14 I Love You15 Try Me16 Running Around in Circles17 Get Hot or Go Home18 Chillun Walk19 ...

    Hot Boogie Chillun - Sweets - CD

    Hot Boogie Chillun – Sweets – CD

    Tracklisting:1. She’s Gone2. Leave Me Alone3. You Better4. I’m Coming Home5. Dirty Old Man6. Fucking Sweet7. Dirty Robber8. Shot of Love9. Talking ‘bout You10. Yes or No11. Have Love Will Travel12. He’s Waiting13. Dinosaur GENRE: Rockabilly/Rock’n’rollBARCODE: 5018901304528 ...

    Mad Sin - Amphigory - CD

    Mad Sin – Amphigory – CD

    Cult German psychobilly band, still performing after 25 yearsTRACK LISTING1. Intro2. Amphigory3. Eat Yourself4. Body Snatchers5. Alien Bug6. Buried Alive7. Vampire Slut8. 1999,9. Paranoid Brains10. Your death is my delight11. Tornado12. You Better run13. Rockin’ bones14. Human fly15. You better run (Mix 1)16. Mind blowGENRE: PsychobillyBARCODE: 5018901301923 ...

    Os Catalepticos - Little Bits Of Insanity - CD

    Os Catalepticos – Little Bits Of Insanity – CD

    TRACK LISTING1 Cannibal Holocaust2 Gambling With a Demon3 Serial Joe4 Closing my Coffin5 Henry6 Asshole7 Atomic Zombi8 Hearse Driver9 Catalepsia10 Demented Sympsoms11 Run from the Nightmare12 Death Train13 Psychobilly is all AroundGENRE: PsychobillyBARCODE: 5018901305426 ...

    Red Hot'n'blue - Havin' A Ball - CD

    Red Hot’n’blue – Havin’ A Ball – CD

    We have repressed this CD due to public demand.Will be published in all the rock’n’roll magazines like Vintage Rock, Now Dig This, UK Rock’n’Roll Magazine – plus many more. 1 Havin’ a Ball2 I’ll be Long Gone3 Here in London Town4 Just for a Day5 Get Back on That Train ...