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    Alphaxone - Ghost Machine - CDD

    Alphaxone – Ghost Machine – CDD

    Alphaxone serves us a soothing and textural sonic space on Ghost Machine Blinking lights and the hum of a thousand machines fill the industrial halls. Beeps echo down dark chasms from where rusty pipes and dusty cables stretch out like tentacles. Down here, in the heart of the memory storage facility, the whispers ...

    Alphaxone - The Infinite Void - CDD

    Alphaxone – The Infinite Void – CDD

    Alphaxone present us a smooth and encapsulating space ambient album that plays with textures and subdued harmonics Recommended for fans of space ambience and deep atmospherics

    Track Listing:
    1. Across the Universe 08:48
    2. Exotic Matter 07:51
    3. Lost Sense 04:08
    4. Ashes of Time 05:42
    5. Center X 01:21
    6. Ethereal Well 07:03
    7. Exit 03:36
    8. Unusual Detection 06:26
    9. Zero Crossing 06:02
    10. The Infinite Void 08:21

    GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
    BARCODE: 5902693145868 ...