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    Blockheads - Trip To The Void - CD

    Blockheads – Trip To The Void – CD

    For 30 years, the course has been under the blasts, festivals and suffering...but the roots have remained the same and only one watchword: Grindcore! Back to the origins with a new album “Trip to the Void”. Old School Guaranteed!GENRE: Grindcore
    BARCODE: 3663663008652 ...

    Lifespite - Hate//Fuck//Kill - CDD

    Lifespite – Hate//Fuck//Kill – CDD

    Face smashing Negative Hardcore from the Nederlands and Belgium,TRACK LISTING
    1. Fucked Over
    2. Stomped Out
    3. Wretched Lies
    4. Hell on Earth
    5. Twist the Blade
    6. Blunt Object Mutilation
    7. Never Heal
    8. Gutterbound
    9. Blow to Shreds
    10. One by One
    11. Pray for Nothing
    12. Dead in a Ditch
    13. Over and Done
    14. Taste the Floor
    15. Organ Thieves
    16. Bullshit ...

    To The Point - Songs That Come To Mind When Thinking Of You - CD

    To The Point – Songs That Come To Mind When Thinking Of You – CD

    Complete Discography, all the 7”, Split etc... on 1 CD.
    Last chance to get everything from those Californians Powerviolence Hardcore veterans.TRACK LISTING
    61 songs (Discography)
    GENRE: Hardcore
    BARCODE: 3663663007495 ...

    Whoresnation - Dearth - CD

    Whoresnation – Dearth – CD

    The most barbaric and primitive strains of Grindcore with the ferocious sound of Death Metal, this is what awaits you with the new album from Whoresnation!TRACK LISTING
    16 Tracks!

    GENRE: Grindcore/Death Metal
    BARCODE: 3663663009536 ...