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    Brahmastrika - Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication - CD

    Brahmastrika – Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication – CD

    Noble Jewelcase Edition with 4-Page Booklet
    Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication is the consequence of ineliminable yogisolationary practices and meticulous exploitation of primal sanatana knowledge filtered through rashayanic paleo-enzymes, unfurled onto the synapsidal slavo-gynarchy.

    Palindromic primordial manifestations, exponentially multiplicative kama-tantras and eschatological hadean enlightenment is concentrated, culminated and adulterated is inscribed through autonomous oscillations and cyclic dev-monic ...

    Brahmastrika - Excarnastrial Commencination - Vinyl

    Brahmastrika – Excarnastrial Commencination – Vinyl

    Brahmastrika was conceived through revelations on the ancient shamshan grounds of Kalikshetra, adi-karmic yantraniti was bestowed on our vessels of flesh to reveal the secrets of the sanatana yudhakarma, through nuclear metal of ultimate death, that has led to the Excarnastrial Commencination demo.

    Cosmic entrapments of Adi-kalpic proportions have been initiated. Paramanobik ...