Darja Kazimira

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    Darja Kazimira - Medea Forgives Jason - CD

    Darja Kazimira – Medea Forgives Jason – CD

    "Medea forgives Jason" is a cycle of improvisations, first inspired by Euripides and his tragedy called "Medea". This canvas captures not only numerous musical paths leading to the image of the great queen of Colchis but also a research path where anthropology, literature, dreams, and deconstructive bodily practices are combined together in order ...

    Darja Kazimira - Monochromia - CD

    Darja Kazimira – Monochromia – CD

    Remastered re-issue of her 2016 album of otherworldly funeral chants...in her own words she describes the inception of the album; "This album was a completely impulsive act, the realization of a regular artistic idea, which initially did not mean the final result. This idea was inspired by my great-grandfather, who ...