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    Havamal - Brutal Onslaught - CD

    Havamal – Brutal Onslaught – CD

    This brutal steamroller was formed back in 2004 in Martinez (California, USA). Taking inspiration from bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Testament and Machine Head, and infusing them with influences of New England metalcore and New York technical death metal. Almost Dead has created their own original powerful thrash groove sound that ...

    Havamal - The Shadow Chapter - CD

    Havamal – The Shadow Chapter – CD

    These sweds formed back in 2016 offer a unique sound with mighty orchestras, simple but beautiful riffs, and a wild mix of viking, black, power and death metal. With crowd-pleasing theatrical live appearances, Havamal brings the audience a complete metal experience. And finally, with the unique approach in the lyrics and the ...