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    Iran - Aemilia - CD

    Iran – Aemilia – CD

    Aemilia is the debut album by Iran, an instrumental trio from Reggio Emilia, Italy, Po Valley’s dead center. Originally formed by Nazim Comunale on analog keyboards (Caboto, Nazeem) and Andrea Silvestri on guitar (Taras Bul’ba, R11) as an improvisational duo, the band indulged in free-form extemporization, with self-combusting harmoniums (no metaphor intended), ...

    Iran - Persis - CD

    Iran – Persis – CD

    Making music is translating what cannot be written, saying the unspeakable. “Persis” is the new album by Iran: starting from the seven tracks of “Aemilia”, published by Aagoo Records in 2020, eight musicians among the most representative of the Italian electronic / avant scene (with the honor of having on board, among ...