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    Alberto Rigoni - For The Love Of Bass - CDD

    Alberto Rigoni – For The Love Of Bass – CDD

    After the success of his latest prog rock album "Odd Times", Italian bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (BAD As, Natural Born Machine, The Italians, Vivaldi Metal Project), now releases his 10th solo album. As the title suggests, the instrumentation is exclusively electric bass, spanning ambient, fusion, jazz and new age styles. "It ...

    Efyd - Like Shadows - CD

    Efyd – Like Shadows – CD

    "Like Shadows" - the debut full-length studio album by Italian Oldschool Death Metal band EFYD.
    It is not an album of sound interlacing of guitars and voices, but rather a place, where each song develops its own pace. The album is full of emotions and sensations in excruciating agony. The music is quite ...

    Night Attack - The Initiation - CD

    Night Attack – The Initiation – CD

    The debut EP by American Blackened Death/Thrash Metal band. "The Initiation" captures the best of the shredding days of US and German Thrash Metal, with band's own darker style and grotesque visions. Each song comes fist-in-face, from intense speeds to headbanging groove tempos and shredding solos that will make you want to rage ...

    Samael - Rebellion - Limited Deluxe Digipak

    Samael – Rebellion – Limited Deluxe Digipak

    Deluxe Edition re-release of the first EP by legendary Swiss Symphonic Industrial Black Metal band.
    "Rebellion" is an interesting little median between Samael's strongest albums, a relic from a time, when most bands still seemed to care about releasing short-form works that had some unique content and genuine value. At the time it was ...

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    Tiamat - Clouds - Limited CDD

    Tiamat – Clouds – Limited CDD

    Deluxe Edition re-release of the third full-length studio album by legendary Swedish Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal band.

    "Clouds" was another major step in the quick sonic evolution of Tiamat, as the band continued to scale back their Death Metal roots while pursuing more conventional song structures. The album is still predominately fixated in the Death/Doom ...

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