O Saala Sakraal

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    O Saala Sakraal - Etmaal - CD

    O Saala Sakraal – Etmaal – CD

    Re-Issue. A new collective led by former Hadewych member Peter Johan Nÿland, also a recent member of Trepaneringsritualen. Etmaal ("natural day") is the first in a series of explorations that aim to serve as a channel between the ethereal and chthonic, sacred and profane, the innermost black well and the outermost white sun ...

    O Saala Sakraal - Heven - CD

    O Saala Sakraal – Heven – CD

    2nd offering from this enigmatic Dutch collective. Heven is an attempt at the restoration of a primordial condition and it seeks to aid in the cleansing and expulsion of the dogmatic metaphysical corruption that is dominated in todays mass religions. It also serves as an act of rebellion against the remnants of ...