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    Ojerum - Reversed Cathedral - CD

    Ojerum – Reversed Cathedral – CD

    Using as sole sound source an antique German made Mannborg Harmonium, øjeRum skillfully crafted long drony melodic pieces filled with a sense of longing, of fading memories. Located in an old house in the Danish country side, in a room mostly left unused and only heated for special occasions, the ...

    Ojerum - Stigma - CD

    Ojerum – Stigma – CD

    A retrospective of artworks by Danish artist øjeRum (Paw Grabowski) exploring the complex relationship of humans and plants. Extending far back into our joint evolutionary history our deep relationship with, and understanding of, plants has enabled us to harness their nutritional, medicinal, and aesthetic benefits. Plants are central to our well-being, not only ...