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    Mike Taylor Quartet - Preparation - CDD

    Mike Taylor Quartet – Preparation – CDD

    Featuring Mike Taylor (piano), Dave Tomlin (soprano saxophone), Tony Reeves (double bass) and Jon Hiseman (drums), this is the first ever release of a newly discovered tape of this legendary British jazz quartet’s final rehearsal before going into the studio to make their fabled Pendulum album in October 1965. Recorded ...
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    Someone's Band - Someone's Band - CDD

    Someone’s Band – Someone’s Band – CDD

    Swiftly recorded by an independent production company and licensed to Decca for a tiny pressing in September 1970, this London quintet’s superb collection of bluesy progressive rock has become one of the rarest and most sought-after LPs of the period. This is its first ever vinyl reissue, complete with an ...
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