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    Igis Osim Lara - Walkersdenn Initiation - CD

    Igis Osim Lara – Walkersdenn Initiation – CD

    Igis Osim Lara (feat. members from Death Bell and Sektarism) from Toulouse France join forces with Breath Sun Bone Blood for their second release entitled Walkersdenn Initiation. Deep swells of synthesizers mix with bells, reed instruments, and percussion invoking a trance inducing otherworldly experience. Beautiful, grounding, yet unnerving at the same time.Imagine if Tangerine ...

    Nakkiga/Arde - Nakkiga/Arde - CD

    Nakkiga/Arde – Nakkiga/Arde – CD

    Breath Sun Bone Blood is proud to offer the blackened crust split between Berlin’s Arde and Spanish pagan black metal horde, Nakkiga.The CD opens with three pummeling conceptual tracks by Nakkiga about the birth and passage of time… From the primal chaos to the ashes of the future. This is ...

    Rana - Richtfeuer - CD

    Rana – Richtfeuer – CD

    1.Lautern2.Flamura3.Richtfeuer4.Our Smouldering Grief5.Im BrandWith „Richtfeuer“ Rană returns at full force in collaboration with Breath Sun Bone Blood with theirsecond full length entitled, Richtfeuer. The album’s title Richtfeuer translates to “Leading Fire”, or,“Beacon”, and that is exactly what this album does…. Leads us into the burning down of this world in ...

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