Igis Osim Lara – Walkersdenn Initiation – CD

Band: Igis Osim Lara

Label: Breath Sun Bone Blood

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BSBB011


Igis Osim Lara (feat. members from Death Bell and Sektarism) from Toulouse France join forces with Breath Sun Bone Blood for their second release entitled Walkersdenn Initiation. Deep swells of synthesizers mix with bells, reed instruments, and percussion invoking a trance inducing otherworldly experience. Beautiful, grounding, yet unnerving at the same time.

Imagine if Tangerine Dream traveled to the future and met Halo Manash and Arktau Eos and became fast friends. They decide to take a sauna together in the chilled climes of Northern Finland, but stay in for too long. Wearily, all parties present decide to have a jam session and share mushrooms. 

Walkersdenn Inition is the music that would have come out of this secret and sacred meeting. This is heavy deep dark ambient, ritualistic music. You can feel the veil between worlds thinning as one delves deep into the sonic well of these recordings.

1. Walkersdenn Initiation
2. Horos

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ritual
BARCODE: 5904224872229