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    Feary Tales - Mmxxii - CD

    Feary Tales – Mmxxii – CD

    FearyTales (from Turin, Italy) are a odd kind of heavy band: their Feary-Metal is a mixture of classic metal and some extreme music influences, enveloping clean and growl vocals, great and inspired guitar solos and riffs, powerful bass and drums. Underwent some line-up changes that affected its activity and inspiration the band, ...

    Reapter - Blasted - CD

    Reapter – Blasted – CD

    Reapter is a thrash-detah metal band with prog influences, formed in Rome in 2005.The band released three full length albums, two Eps and three single tracks so far. The articulated songwriting, oddtime signatures, powwerful riffs and vocals are the main carachter of the band.During its career Reapter shared the stage with ...