Reapter – Blasted – CD

Band: Reapter

Label: Buil2kill Records

Format: ‌CD


Reapter is a thrash-detah metal band with prog influences, formed in Rome in 2005.
The band released three full length albums, two Eps and three single tracks so far. The articulated songwriting, oddtime signatures, powwerful riffs and vocals are the main carachter of the band.

During its career Reapter shared the stage with many top bands of metal music such as Testament, Dark Funeral, Sadist (at Total Metal Festival in Toritto, Italy) Nervosa (toured with them in the west Europe leg of the Brazilian trio), Jinjer, Nightmare, Civil War and many more. The band always offers a strong live performance, having the target to get the most of fun from it. The new 8-track last release, Blasted, is a breaking point for the band. Recorded by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre – Inno), mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen from Antfarm Studios, they wanted to experiment new sounds and styles, emphasising the melodic death part instead of prog elemnts present in the last album. It talks about dreadful experiences lived by everyone in the real life but with a positive message. Nowadays Reapter is a affirmed reality in the italian metal scene.

1. No Backwards 
2. Cold War 
3. Riot 
4. 10 Days
5. Eve
6. The Way Out
7. Timeless
8. Wall of Death Step

GENRE: Thrash/Death Metal
BARCODE: 8016670151883