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    Crawling, The - Sparrow - CD

    Crawling, The – Sparrow – CD

    Formed in the winter of 2014 from Lisburn city, Northern Ireland; The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble.January 2015 saw the single ‘Choking On Concrete,’ followed in October by the highly successful EP ‘In Light of Dark Days.’ April 2017 ...
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    Strangle Wire - Shaped By Human Frailty - CD

    Strangle Wire – Shaped By Human Frailty – CD

    Track listing1. Heavily Medicated2. Learned Wretchedness3. Judas Switch4. The Human Tensile Experiment5. Abhorrent Intervention6. Shaped by Human Frailty7. Dead Before the Still8. Psychology of the Sick9. Horrors BeneathGENRE: Death MetalBARCODE: 0658556112755 ...
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