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    Dead Pollys - Truth Of Tomorrow - CD

    Dead Pollys – Truth Of Tomorrow – CD

    Swedish punk act DEAD POLLYS are honored to announce that they are signed with Too Loud Records again for the release of their new album “Truth of Tomorrow“. the daily Zombie-patterns & an absolutely insane repeated pursuit of recognition. There’s a huge frustration & people tend togive up rather than ...

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    Fankaz - In Hindsight - CD

    Fankaz – In Hindsight – CD

    Too Loud Records proudly present “In Hindsight” 4th album from the Italian skatepunkers Fankaz.The new album is super fast and full of “stop and go”,technical compositions and experimental structures.This new album is more melodic that its predecessor, a come back to the origins, catchy riffs and choruses and with two super ...

    Freakshow - Freakshow - CD

    Freakshow – Freakshow – CD

    Too Loud Records proudly present “Freakshow” 1st album from the US Nu Metal act Freakshow.This world don’t care and neither do we. Ruthless street style, heavy, with some metal elements, hip hop infused and in your face. The sound of thunder in the distance is a forewarning of something deadly to come. Finally ...

    Unzane - Test Of Time - CD

    Unzane – Test Of Time – CD

    Too Loud Records proudly presents “TEST OF TIME” the 5th album from Puerto Rican’s Classic Metal Heads “UNZANE”. This new album captures our idea of melodic groove heavy metal music. The 10 songs portraits the evolution of the band which is displayed throughout the entire record.This is what we can truly define in ...