Unzane – Test Of Time – CD

Band: Unzane

Label: Too Loud Records

Format: CD


Too Loud Records proudly presents “TEST OF TIME” the 5th album from Puerto Rican’s Classic Metal Heads “UNZANE”. This new album captures our idea of melodic groove heavy metal music. The 10 songs portraits the evolution of the band which is displayed throughout the entire record.

This is what we can truly define in our 5th album which has very strong melodic vocals, power groove riffs and catchy choruses. Our songs are like most well-known stories they evolve over time. We know sound is the universal language and our music sets the mood for the story. The 10 new songs were recorded by UNZANE and mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio in Italy.

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 806891878762

1. Emotional Coaster
2. Brave Heart Warriors
3. Because Of You
4. Boogeyman
5. Extreme Ferocity
6. Life Expectancy
7. Feelings For You
8. Life Cruiser
9. Evolution
10. Test Of Time