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    Gdanian - Induction - CDD

    Gdanian – Induction – CDD

    Gdanian presents his second album on Cryo Chamber, Induction. «This is the Associate Director of the Ross 128 b Exoplanetary Colonial Mission, Dr Elliot Macrae. If you are listening to this recorded archive, you must know that we have departed from the Expeditionary Surface Control Terminal.

    Upmost in our minds was that the colonial ...

    Gdanian - Submersion - CDD

    Gdanian – Submersion – CDD

    Gdanian presents us his first album on Cryo Chamber. Submersion is a deep underwater album where retro basslines are swallowed by thick textures and lingering strings.
    Recommended for fans of electronics fused with deep ocean atmospheres.Track Listing:
    1. Submersion 04:24
    2. The Lowest Point 04:59
    3. Strange Forms 04:31
    4. Hidden Sector 04:30
    5. Inside the Station 04:50
    6. Paradox 06:14
    7. The Core 03:00
    8. Signals from ...