Gdanian – Induction – CDD

Band: Gdanian

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD

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Gdanian presents his second album on Cryo Chamber, Induction. «This is the Associate Director of the Ross 128 b Exoplanetary Colonial Mission, Dr Elliot Macrae. If you are listening to this recorded archive, you must know that we have departed from the Expeditionary Surface Control Terminal.

Upmost in our minds was that the colonial mission itself was born out of a necessity in response to the destructive influence of human beings on Planet Earth and their unique capacity for catastrophic self-harm. We maintain a tentative hope that, one day, when we have absorbed and comprehended the
intellectual concussions of what we will learn, we may return to the hub of our species, with an aim to sharing the facts and insights such as we have acquired them.

» Comes with a 12 page booklet, Recommended for fans of electronic space ambient and interplanetary sci-fi

Track Listing:
1. Arrival 04:24
2. Veins of the Planet 05:18
3. Shield Emitter (feat. Tineidae) 5:10
4. Strange Signals 5:46
5. The Barrier 4:34
6. The Colony 5:56
7. Main Block 5:54
8. The Prospect of Our Dismal Wonders (feat. Ruptured World) 6:40