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    Crawling, The - Sparrow - CD

    Crawling, The – Sparrow – CD

    Formed in the winter of 2014 from Lisburn city, Northern Ireland; The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble.

    January 2015 saw the single ‘Choking On Concrete,’ followed in October by the highly successful EP 'In Light of Dark Days.' April 2017 ...
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    Strangle Wire - Shaped By Human Frailty - CD

    Strangle Wire – Shaped By Human Frailty – CD

    Track listing
    1. Heavily Medicated
    2. Learned Wretchedness
    3. Judas Switch
    4. The Human Tensile Experiment
    5. Abhorrent Intervention
    6. Shaped by Human Frailty
    7. Dead Before the Still
    8. Psychology of the Sick
    9. Horrors Beneath

    GENRE: Death Metal
    BARCODE: 0658556112755 ...
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