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    Awori X Twani - Ranavalona - CD

    Awori X Twani – Ranavalona – CD

    On March 17, 2020, France enters its first confinement to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. This unprecedented and disturbing period worthy of an episode of Black Mirror inspired this EP, whose writing and layout were entirely carried out during this isolation. For Awori, who is confined to herself, anguish sets in. During ...

    Eustache Mcqueer - Unplugged - CD

    Eustache Mcqueer – Unplugged – CD

    After its first album Lake Pearl in 2019 on Jarring Effects label, the duo changes its register and explores guitar compositions and vocals with an acoustic version.

    It is always with the idea of challenging and moving their audience that the duo takes over a classical guitar on one side and a voice ...