Awori X Twani – Ranavalona – CD

Band: Awori X Twani

Label: Jarring Effects Label

Format: CD


On March 17, 2020, France enters its first confinement to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. This unprecedented and disturbing period worthy of an episode of Black Mirror inspired this EP, whose writing and layout were entirely carried out during this isolation. For Awori, who is confined to herself, anguish sets in. During this period, music is his only companion. Writing then appears as an outlet. Write in this state of internal distress allowed him to keep a balance, a common thread to which to hang on. A reflection exercise and introspection to put words into his emotions and feelings. As in the piece Sawa which expresses the nostalgia or even Hold Me, a true ode to vulnerability which advocates the beauty of the fragility of emotions.

” Write ? To remember the weapons we have been granted. Weapons that can be sharpened every day. Write also to reject the madness fed by an unknown future. Write to feed on something other than the end of a world. This EP is also a need to react to what is happening, a call to take a step back, to join forces to rekindle the flame of hope together. Like the song Viscera which calls on the masses to fight against individualism and realizing the power we collectively have to make a difference.

Finally, to write is to have the courage to believe in the aftermath. This notion of daring can be found in the very title of the EP. Ranavalona refers to a 19th century Madagascan queen (Ranavalona I, 1778 1861) known for defending her country against Christian and Western invasion. A merciless woman who was controversial by coming to power despite her modest situation and who maintained her power for three decades, especially through numerous assassinations. The writings that remain on Ranavalona highlight only the historical and factual version. This dischumanizes this figure and pays tribute to his fighting spirit to defend his culture and identity.
Along with Ranavalona, Awori and Twani offer a voice to the resistance and advocate the defense of its ideals and beliefs.

1. Intro
2. Sawa
3. Viscera
4. Mindful
5. Ranavalona
6. Hold Me
7. Nkomawo
8. Cortex Iuxta

GENRE: Hip-Hop/R N B
BARCODE: 3521343465884