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    Balefullies - Nostalghia - Vinyl

    Balefullies – Nostalghia – Vinyl

    Nostos-algos: The pain that marks the path of return to the origins, into the past, to the truth and trough ourselves. A catharsis undertaken to cross musically the drifts of the lack, the elusive, the past that inexorably blocks the steps A trip searching for a farewell's way close to the membrane ...

    Barale'space Trip - Barale'space Trip - Vinyl

    Barale’space Trip – Barale’space Trip – Vinyl

    Barale'Space Trip is a project born from the will of the brothers Fabio and Davide Barale, both musicians from a very young age. Their intention is to create a musical journey between psychedelic art, nature, and atmospheres inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

    To make this happen, they surrounded themselves with some ...

    Black Magic Tree - Through The Grapevine - Vinyl

    Black Magic Tree – Through The Grapevine – Vinyl

    Each track pays homage to the hard rock heyday of the 1970s, yet sidesteps the pretensions of the era, instead keeping the track lengths snappy and incorporating elements of modern heavy psych and stoner rock for a touch of unpredictability. The result: a lithe, catchy beast of an album that only gets ...

    Flying Disk - In The Heart Of The City - Vinyl

    Flying Disk – In The Heart Of The City – Vinyl

    “In The Heart of The City” is the summary of everything we live, for better or worse in every single day. This ep, which contains 4 tracks, is the soundtrack of nights spent wandering around till dawn with many thoughts and no money in our pockets. This is the story of those ...

    Howling Wolves - As Above So Below - Limited Edition Kelly Green Vinyl

    Howling Wolves – As Above So Below – Limited Edition Kelly Green Vinyl

    HOWLING WOLVES from Berlin were formed 2014 after the disbanding of their prior HarcorePunk Bands to continue their love for music. They released a Demo in 2015 followed by some local gigs. End of 2017 the Howling Wolves s/t 12“ was released and saw positive feedback in the scene and ...

    Pine Ridge - Can't Deny - Vinyl

    Pine Ridge – Can’t Deny – Vinyl

    These guys are lovers of everything from the 70’s:
    From classic rock vibes and psychedelic notes to stoner moments and jazzy keys, all fused into powerful blues-rock - that’s PINE RIDGE. Formed in 2014 and based in Omsk, Russia the band started it’s journey by making blues rock-inspired tunes in the university ...

    Teverts - The Lifeblood - Vinyl

    Teverts – The Lifeblood – Vinyl

    Teverts is a vibration that is released in our body, it is all our anger, all our love, passion and Sweat. Teverts is simply who we are and our emotions. The ʻtevertsʼ project was born in 2006 and Mainly includes ʻstoner rockʼ with various and experimental contaminations. After several selfproduced ...