Flying Disk – In The Heart Of The City – Vinyl

Band: Flying Disk

Label: Karma Conspiracy Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: KCR024


“In The Heart of The City” is the summary of everything we live, for better or worse in every single day. This ep, which contains 4 tracks, is the soundtrack of nights spent wandering around till dawn with many thoughts and no money in our pockets. This is the story of those who never go on holiday and stay in their own city, working for a better future. It is the result of teen years spent in a place which doesnʼt reflects you and often doesnʼt give you opportunities, where the only lifeline is music, the one made with friends, laughing and joking and hoping to go over those buildings.

1. Wasted
2. Sunrise
3. Tell Me Of The Sun
4. Connections

GENRE: Alternative/Stoner
BARCODE: 8033622537960