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    Kryng, The - Twelve Hymns To Syng Along - Vinyl

    Kryng, The – Twelve Hymns To Syng Along – Vinyl

    THE KRYNG are back once again! These guys are unstoppable, unbeatable music machines, hammering out five albums and six singles in 5 years! No wonder James Brown has been quoted calling them “the hardest working band in showbusiness”. Compulsive songwriter Mark ten Hoor (THE NO-GOODS) has made it his number one priority ...

    Kryng, The - V - Vinyl

    Kryng, The – V – Vinyl

    Mark, Peter and Arjan are back with their fifth full-length appropriately titled ‘V’. After their last two poppy and eclectic albums ‘So Many Girls vol.1 and 2’ the boys decided to make this album more in the vein of their debut ‘Going Nowhere’ from 2015. The result is 12 fuzzy garage stompers ...