Kryng, The – Twelve Hymns To Syng Along – Vinyl

Band: Kryng, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


THE KRYNG are back once again! These guys are unstoppable, unbeatable music machines, hammering out five albums and six singles in 5 years! No wonder James Brown has been quoted calling them “the hardest working band in showbusiness”. Compulsive songwriter Mark ten Hoor (THE NO-GOODS) has made it his number one priority to make sure his fellow band members won’t get any chance to get bored at home. Bassplayer Peter (THE KEEFMEN, LOW POINT DRAINS) has gained so much strength in his fingers playing this much bass, he’s not even allowed to touch his girl and stroke his cat anymore.

Drummer Arjan (THE KIK, MARK & THE SPIES) has used up so much drumsticks, it’s been said he’s personally responsible for 80% of the worlds deforestation. And now! Here’s album number six containing another ’12 hymns to syng along’ to. Jangling (12 string) guitars, great harmonies, pounding drums, a pumping bass and even an occasional mellotron here and there. These are the main ingredients on this album. As cherry on top Dave von Raven (THE KIK, LES ROBOTS) provided piano, pianet and Hammond organ on a few tracks.

THE KRYNG deliver fantastic songwriting that results in a perfect mix of Mid-60’s Garage-Beat and Powerpop with a hint of catchy Indierock – without a doubt an album to listen, dance and sing along to over and over again!

1. Our Love
2. ‘Cause I See
3. Get
4. It Disappears
5. She’s A Dream
6. Deep Inside
1. Jacky
2. Don’t You Know
3. She Knows My Name
4. Roll-Anda
5. Although You’re Gone
6. I Won’t Go

GENRE: Garage/Bet/Powerpop/Rock
BARCODE: 4251896104587