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    Aleister - Nightmare - CDD

    Aleister – Nightmare – CDD

    Aleister the French Thrash Metal band releases its latest album « Nightmare ».
    7 tracks of pure Thrash Metal where powerful and sharp riffs flirt with groovy and percussive rythms.

    01_02-THE GAME 04:29
    01_03-NIGHTMARE 03:26
    01_04-DON'T LET HIM DOWN 02:36
    01_05-THE REASON FOR MY ANGER 03:17
    01_06-THE PREACHER 02:06
    01_07-LIAR 04:11

    GENRE: Thrash ...
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    Alexx And The Moonshiners - 7-Year Itch - CD

    Alexx And The Moonshiners – 7-Year Itch – CD

    The uncompromising Blues girl is back, and she means business !

    GENRE: Blues Rock
    BARCODE: 3700398724317 ...
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    Apex Origin - Beyond A Lifetime - CDD

    Apex Origin – Beyond A Lifetime – CDD

    Born from the meeting of Metal, Prog, Rock and Blues fans, APEX ORIGIN mixes the
    references of its musicians. Sometimes Blues, Pop, Hard or Classic, everyone will discover
    shades with multiple influences.

    01_01-TITANIK Auteur + compositeur : Jean Louis Lubrano Lavadera 5 :36
    01_02-BLUE DREAM Auteur + compositeur : Jean Louis Lubrano Lavadera 4 ...
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    Arion Rufus - Dehors C'etait La Nuit - CD

    Arion Rufus – Dehors C’etait La Nuit – CD

    Powerful and poetic Rock.

    GENRE: Garage Rock Poetry
    BARCODE: 3700398724362 ...
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    Astrayed Place - Edge Of The Mist - CD

    Astrayed Place – Edge Of The Mist – CD

    From a fluent and melancholic voice to a saturated and agonizing scream, from the soft and clean notes
    to a brutal and blaring riff, the spectrum of their repertoire will touch every sensibility.
    Among other themes, they regularly address loneliness and gloominess, but also some of the most abject human behaviors. Whether ...
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    Critical Pint - Thirst Of All - CDD

    Critical Pint – Thirst Of All – CDD

    Discover Critical Pint and its 70's Hard Rock with Stoner, Blues and Grunge sounds. Riffs infused with hops, a rhythmic pattern which is sometimes fine and velvety, sometimes sparkling and percussive with slightly bitter lyrics. This is Critical Pint's recipe for Loud Rock!Tracklisting
    01_02-Mojo’s Working
    01_03-Flying Away
    01_04-Brand New Day
    01_05-Nameless Bastards
    01_06-Veil of Ashes
    01_07-Shameless Shaman
    01_08-Not My ...
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    Deafbrood - Hell Reel - CDD

    Deafbrood – Hell Reel – CDD

    If we’re gonna play Rock’n’Roll, We’d better play it loud !
    Hard Rock like you love it, inspired by the genra holy monsters !

    GENRE: Hard Rock'n'roll
    BARCODE: 3663663008331 ...
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    Death Decline - The Silent Path - CDD

    Death Decline – The Silent Path – CDD

    Three years after "The Thousand Faces Of Lies", Death Decline is back with a more nuanced and personal album, where the agression is blended with melancholy. Fruit of the multiple visions of its creators, "The Silent Path" marks a powerful return to the Thrash/Death roots of the band.
    The new wave of French ...
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    Edenya - Another Place - CDD

    Edenya – Another Place – CDD

    For the fans of The Gathering, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins...
    Edenya is inspired by many musical styles: from Rock to Folk including Progressive or Ambient music.
    Clélia's soft and powerful voice combines wonderfully with Marco’s melodies, sometimes energetic and
    sometimes delicate, thus plunging the listener into intense atmospheres and emotions.

    01_01‐Impossible Meeting
    01_02 ...
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    For The Sin - The Human Beast - CDD

    For The Sin – The Human Beast – CDD

    For the Sin is a Beatdown band that will get angry the quietest of you !
    For fans of Nasty, Brawl Between Enemies, Desolated...

    N°1 ‐Scorn of the humanity – 2:23 – Fabien Petel – Joris Courchet – Guillaume Richaud
    N°2 ‐Reborn – 3:05 – Fabien/Petel – Joris/Courchet – Guillaume/Richaud
    N°3 ‐ Home ...
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    Horizon Line - A Place In Time - CDD

    Horizon Line – A Place In Time – CDD

    Horizon Line is a Rock band with different influences :
    MUSE, Marilyn Manson, Placebo but also Blink 182, Sum 41 or Rage Against The Machine, Queen Of The Stone Age and many more…TRACK LISTING
    Over And Over 3 min 55 Julien BUFFARD Julien BUFFARD
    More Than a Love 3 min 14 Julien BUFFARD Julien ...
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    Kash Flowz, The - Would It Be Impossible? - CDD

    Kash Flowz, The – Would It Be Impossible? – CDD

    For the fans of The Offspring, Bad Religion, Blink 182 et AFI
    Let's have a good dose of power chords, stir in catchy choruses and sprinkle it all with oriental riffs. Then, let it simmer for 6 years an you'll get the brand new Kash Flowz album. Oh yeah, we had to ...
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    Krysaor - Foreword - CDD

    Krysaor – Foreword – CDD

    Krysaor is a Heavy Metal band founded by Arnaud Carnielli (drums) composed of Christophe Laurent (guitars), Varenfel (keyboards), Gus Monsanto (vocals) [ex-Adagio, ex-Revolution Renaissance with Timo Tolkki from Stratovarius] and Jules Brosset (Bass).Tracklisting
    01_01-Celestial Sanctuary
    01_02-Abyss Of Oblivion
    01_03- By Your Side
    01_04-The Disciple
    01_05-Let There Be Light
    01_06-Emperor Of The Seas
    01_07-The Gate
    Durée totale : 40.03

    GENRE: ...
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    Locomuerte - Los Clasicos De Locos - CDD

    Locomuerte – Los Clasicos De Locos – CDD

    For fans of Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead and Chicano life style The band quickly made a name for itself from the underground scene with ultra caliente live shows.

    01_01 La vida Loca
    02_02 Tiropamatar
    03_03 ...
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    Misterfuzzyb - Pain And Euphoria - CD

    Misterfuzzyb – Pain And Euphoria – CD

    For fans of Power Pop Rock with heavy guitars discover the album “Pain and Euphoria” by the multi-instrumentalist “MisterFuzzyB”.TRACK LISTING
    1‐Adrenaline Rush (3 :13) Auteur‐Compositeur : Bruno Dumarais
    2‐Money (3:08) Auteur‐Compositeur : Bruno Dumarais
    3‐Sally (3:13) Auteur‐Compositeur : Bruno Dumarais
    4‐I Don't Care (3:59) Auteur‐Compositeur : Bruno Dumarais
    5‐Blind (4:47) Auteur‐Compositeur : Stevie Salas
    6‐The Love ...
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