Edenya – Another Place – CDD

Band: Edenya

Label: M&O Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: MOMUSIC329
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For the fans of The Gathering, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins…
Edenya is inspired by many musical styles: from Rock to Folk including Progressive or Ambient music.
Clélia’s soft and powerful voice combines wonderfully with Marco’s melodies, sometimes energetic and
sometimes delicate, thus plunging the listener into intense atmospheres and emotions.

01_01‐Impossible Meeting
01_02 ‐Somewhere In My Dreams
01_03‐The Tree
01_04‐Inside Your Walls
01_05‐I Hope
01_07‐Another Place
01_08‐ The Shelter
01_09‐The Other Side
01_10‐Let Me Go

GENRE: Atmospheric Rock
BARCODE: 3254872993404