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    Patto - And That's Jazz - CD & DVD

    Patto – And That’s Jazz – CD & DVD

    Audio and video collection of UK progressive eccentrics Patto at the height of their powers on stage in the form of a previously unreleased recording of the band rocking and looning at the Torrington in London in January 1973, plus their surviving TV appearances from 1971.

    The Patto's virtuosity and eclecticism are in ...

    Patto - Patto - CD

    Patto – Patto – CD

    Despite being criminally underrated at the time of its release in 1970, the debut album by Patto is now described as being among the finest jazz-rock fusion albums ever recorded by a British group. This new edition features fresh spectral demix and remaster by Prof. Stoned which sheds new light on the band’s ...