Patto – Patto – CD

Band: Patto

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1141


Despite being criminally underrated at the time of its release in 1970, the debut album by Patto is now described as being among the finest jazz-rock fusion albums ever recorded by a British group. This new edition features fresh spectral demix and remaster by Prof. Stoned which sheds new light on the band’s remarkable interaction. From the virtuoso guitar playing of Ollie Halsall (who also doubles on vibes) and namesake Mike Patto’s throaty and emotive voice, the album is packed with a no-nonsense approach that sets them apart from their Progressive Rock contemporaries.

Key tracks include “San Antone,” the Stones/Humble Pie styled rocker “Hold Me Back” as well as two tracks which were curiously featured in the 2009 film Observe & Report, “The Man” and “Sittin’ Back Easy.” This edition also includes an out-take from the studio sessions, “Hanging Rope” – a 14 plus minute blues rock meets free-jazz out-take similar to the original album’s “Money Bag”.

1. The Man
2. Hold Me Back
3. Time To Die
4. Red Glow
5. San Antone
6. Government Man
7. Money Bag
8. Sittin’ Back Easy
9. Hanging Rope

BARCODE: 782706673718