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    Forteresse - Metal Noir Quebecois - Vinyl

    Forteresse – Metal Noir Quebecois – Vinyl

    This flagship of the Québec scene is available again at last in a new, remastered version, done by Forteresse to balance the instruments and confer a more powerful sound to the whole, while still staying close to the original recording of this classic. The layout has also been updated in a lavish ...

    Miserere Luminis - Ordalie - CD

    Miserere Luminis – Ordalie – CD

    Nearly 15 years after the release of the debut album of their collaborative project, Gris’ Icare and Neptune as well as Sombre Forêts’ Annatar are back with a long-awaited second Miserere Luminis album! Despite the very long time between the two albums, fans of the band will find there everything that made ...

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    Oriflamme - L'egide Ardente - CD

    Oriflamme – L’egide Ardente – CD

    A new Montréal outfit, Oriflamme brings its very own offering to the Québec Black Metal altar with the release of a very promising first album. While offering a Black Metal approach inspired by the early scene, the group is no stranger to nuances, and it does not hesitate to switch gears between ...

    Ossuaire - Derniers Chants - Vinyl

    Ossuaire – Derniers Chants – Vinyl

    Just six months after the release of their first, widely acclaimed album through Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire is back at it, with the stunning conclusion to their two-album concept on the downfall of Christianity. Derniers Chants features the characteristic vengeful yet melodic riffing that has helped the band quickly rise among the well-established ...

    Ossuaire - Premiers Chants - Vinyl

    Ossuaire – Premiers Chants – Vinyl

    Having recently inked a record deal with Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire emerges anew as the grandiose and impetuous first chapter of a concept spawning two albums and recounting the major events contributing to the downfall of christianity and the rise of heresy resounds. Ossuaire delivers a resolutely unwholesome breed of Black Metal, both ...

    Oublieth - Mornelance - CD

    Oublieth – Mornelance – CD

    After releasing the debut album from his Serment project earlier this year, Moribond is back with something completely different, namely his ambient project Oublieth. Falling somewhere in-between what some would call dungeon synth and the much more cinematographic scopes of artists like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Klaus Schulz, Oublieth draws ...

    Sacrenoir - Comme Des Revenants Parmi Les Ruines - CD

    Sacrenoir – Comme Des Revenants Parmi Les Ruines – CD

    Two pioneers of the Québec Black Metal scene, Athros (Brume d’Automne, Forteresse) and Monarque
    (Monarque, Forteresse) revisit the very early days of Black Metal on Sacrenoir’s raging debut album. Falling in somewhere their respective bands and old Darkthrone and Gorgoroth, or even Bathory, Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines is cold, raw, classic ...

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    Trepas - Les Ombres Malades - CD

    Trepas – Les Ombres Malades – CD

    After the release of a very well-received first album in 2020, Trépas returns with Les Ombres Malades, an opus that displays a band habing acquired a lot of maturity. If its approach hasn’t changed that much, Trépas still alternating between incisive black metal and a more brooding side, the band was able ...

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