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    Forteresse - Metal Noir Quebecois - Vinyl

    Forteresse – Metal Noir Quebecois – Vinyl

    This flagship of the Québec scene is available again at last in a new, remastered version, done by Forteresse to balance the instruments and confer a more powerful sound to the whole, while still staying close to the original recording of this classic. The layout has also been updated in a lavish ...
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    Oriflamme - L'egide Ardente - CD

    Oriflamme – L’egide Ardente – CD

    A new Montréal outfit, Oriflamme brings its very own offering to the Québec Black Metal altar with the release of a very promising first album. While offering a Black Metal approach inspired by the early scene, the group is no stranger to nuances, and it does not hesitate to switch gears between ...
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    Ossuaire - Derniers Chants - Vinyl

    Ossuaire – Derniers Chants – Vinyl

    Just six months after the release of their first, widely acclaimed album through Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire is back at it, with the stunning conclusion to their two-album concept on the downfall of Christianity. Derniers Chants features the characteristic vengeful yet melodic riffing that has helped the band quickly rise among the well-established ...
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    Ossuaire - Premiers Chants - Vinyl

    Ossuaire – Premiers Chants – Vinyl

    Having recently inked a record deal with Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire emerges anew as the grandiose and impetuous first chapter of a concept spawning two albums and recounting the major events contributing to the downfall of christianity and the rise of heresy resounds. Ossuaire delivers a resolutely unwholesome breed of Black Metal, both ...
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    Oublieth - Mornelance - CD

    Oublieth – Mornelance – CD

    After releasing the debut album from his Serment project earlier this year, Moribond is back with something completely different, namely his ambient project Oublieth. Falling somewhere in-between what some would call dungeon synth and the much more cinematographic scopes of artists like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Klaus Schulz, Oublieth draws ...
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