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    Sherpa - Tanzlinde - Vinyl

    Sherpa – Tanzlinde – Vinyl

    Tanzlinde“ is the debut album of the neo-psych band Sherpa from Abruzzo, Italy.
    The band got inspired by their mountains up to eastern cultures and ancient singings, and the result is a debut album which is psychedelic in the meaning of bursting the borders of music genres. You hear influences of psychedelia and ...
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    Sherpa - Tigris & Euphrates - Vinyl

    Sherpa – Tigris & Euphrates – Vinyl

    Sulatron is happy to announce Sherpa's new album! Their debut album “Tanzlinde” (Sulatron Records, 2016) got great reviews and was one of the personal highlights of Sulatron. But the new one is even a deeper and more magic album! Like the debut it needs some listens to get in, but ...
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