Sherpa – Land Of Corals – Gatefold/Coloured Vinyl


Band: Sherpa

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SSR130X


Italy-based doom and shoegaze craftsmen SHERPA sign to Subsound Records for the release of their third studio album “Land of Corals” this November !

Five years after their sophomore record “Tigris & Euphrates” and an acclaimed performance at Roadburn Festival, the creative duo of Matteo Dossena and Franz Cardone aka SHERPA take us on yet another singular and immersive aural journey with their new album “Land of Corals”. Their hybrid marriage of shoegaze, atmospheric doom/post-metal and electronics blossoms in lush textures and slow but rewarding build-ups, with Dossena’s airy vocals making for a highly tantalizing ride. Darkness and light coexist seamlessly throughout the album’s 40 minutes — either through the trip-hop-meets-drone vibe of intro track “Silt” and the soaring bleakness of 8-minute epic “Coward/Pilgrimage To The Sun”, or the fast-paced indie rock intricacy of lead single “High Walls” — and just like life and death, they revolve in an endless, compelling cycle that gently swallows all souls passing nearby.

About “Land of Corals”, the band says: “’The album tells the tale of the human relationship with death and mortality, of how constantly sensitized to pain and to the concept of “end” we are, almost not realizing how much in tune with the death-rebirth paradigm we are. The imaginative vision shows a land full of human beings who are aware of fortifying their soul through death, just like corals die, crumble and with their minerals fortify the structure of the younger of their species. Nature becomes aware of itself, finds balance and takes over the land. Humans, with their lust for spiritual domination over their kind, chain the human soul making it arrogant, competitive and lonely. Then liberation comes: the rediscovery of animal instincts. The soul is overwhelmed by the idea that every living thing sooner or later dies. In the end, we witness a warning to all the cowardly souls who run from dealing with the universe, as well as a lucid awareness of the infinite cycles of death and rebirth. As Goethe wrote:
“Nature! […] Life is her most exquisite invention, and death is her expert contrivance to get plenty of life”. ‘Land of Corals’ is a land where the body dies but the soul is reborn, endlessly trying to reconnect to its own star.”

1. Silt
2. High Walls
3. Priest of Corals
Side B
1 Arousal
2. Coward / Pilgrimage to the Sun
3. Path / Mud / Barn

GENRE: Psychedelic Rock/Doom/Space/Shoegaze
BARCODE: 0766429826644
RELEASE DATE: 17/11/2023

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