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    Slomatics - Canyons - Blue Vinyl

    Slomatics – Canyons – Blue Vinyl

    Since 2005, Belfast based space-sludge juggernauts Slomatics have scoured the cosmic plains for
    doomy inspiration. The universe is a vast place, and with their seventh album Canyons released in 2019, Slomatics haven’t run out of inspiration. Every Slomatics’ record tells a story. Their 2016 release Future Echo Returns was an earthy beast, dense ...

    Slomatics - Future Echo Returns - Green Vinyl

    Slomatics – Future Echo Returns – Green Vinyl

    A blanket of smoke and incense billows from an attic-bedroom conversion as Electric Wizard makes a
    rare appearance from his occult abode to make a sandwich or to record an episode of Most Haunted. Conan sits in the garage and uses his sharp fingernails to shape mythical creatures out of wood, sporadically bellowing ...