Slomatics – Future Echo Returns – Green Vinyl

Band: Slomatics

Label: Burning World Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: BWR077LP


A blanket of smoke and incense billows from an attic-bedroom conversion as Electric Wizard makes a
rare appearance from his occult abode to make a sandwich or to record an episode of Most Haunted. Conan sits in the garage and uses his sharp fingernails to shape mythical creatures out of wood, sporadically bellowing songs of war into the night, begrudgingly quieting down when his mother threatens to take away his copy of The Silmarillion.

Slomatics is the younger brother of the two aforementioned doomsters. He spends his time gazing into the stars, reading Frank Herbert, Philip. K. Dick and H.G. Wells, and exploring the Moog that his father found for cheap at the car boot sale. He shares a lot in common with his older brothers, but his interest in the cosmic and the otherworldly sets him apart. Future Echo Returns is the fifth full-length by Belfast doomongers Slomatics and the final episode in a trilogy of thematically connected albums (the other two being 2012’s A Hocht and 2014’s Estron) that addresses humanity’s place and purpose in this magical little world of ours.

Track list:
A1 Estronomicon
A2 Electric Breath
A3 In The Grip Of Fausto
A4 Ritual Beginnings
B1 Rat Chariot
B2 Supernothing
B3 Into The Eternal

GENRE: Stoner Doom
BARCODE: 9504735529665