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    Ekphrasis - Weird Interbreeding - CD

    Ekphrasis – Weird Interbreeding – CD

    French progressive rock band EKPHRASIS, based in the south of France, EKPHRASIS is a progressive metal band created in 2020 by Benjamin Savariau.

    With diverse influences, EKPHRASIS Brings together musicians from various musical backgrounds (fusion, metal, soul, jazz, etc.) taken on the challenge of mixing all the styles that come their way. Musical ...

    Mystery - 1992 - The Lost Tapes - CD

    Mystery – 1992 – The Lost Tapes – CD

    Originally released in 1992 on Pagi Records, MYSTERY’s first 4 song EP saw the light of day as a limited 500 copies. MYSTERY released many other albums since then but the EP was placed in a vault and lost for many years and never made available since then. 30 years ...

    Mystery - Redemption - CDD

    Mystery – Redemption – CDD

    Canadian band Mystery releases their highly anticipated new album, showcasing their progressive rock sound with a modern edge. Montreal, QC – On June 15th 2023, Canadian prog-rock band Mystery will be releasing their 9th studio album to eager fans worldwide. Titled "Redemption," this album marks a return to form for the band, ...

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